Xiangyang smiled and owed Zheng Ziling。

“I received your like,Still very happy inside,But I can’t accept your luxury likes,Sorry!”
Smile and walk away,Xiang Yang understands that she can be Xiang Chen’s little princess,Can be arrogant to Xiang Chen、Coquettish、Unreasonable,But not everyone in this world treats themselves like Xiang Chen。
Xiangyang can distinguish like and love,Even if I grew up in an environment like Paradise Island,Still can’t stop the growth of Xiangyang。Only when these things really come to me,Xiang Yang suddenly found that he was not ready。
With the departure of the heroine,The people watching the excitement around gradually dispersed。
Fang Xincheng and others lowered their heads and came to Zheng Ziling’s side,Want to say something,But don’t know how to speak,Zheng Ziling suddenly smiled and turned her head,Shocked the big guy。
“Did you hear?Xiangyang just said that he couldn’t accept it,Not to refuse!Thank you for your hard work today,I won’t delay you home,But rest assured,Everyone has a red envelope!”
Zheng Ziling whispered,I can tell,He is trying his best to suppress his excitement。
Fang Xincheng is as unclear as many people,What’s so happy about a failed confession?But it depends on the face of the red envelope,Everyone is also very happy for Zheng Ziling。
“Xiao Xiao,When did Xiangyang become so incomprehensible??If someone does this to me,I must marry him!”
Zhu Shiyao can’t hide the envy,Recalling everything I saw before,I suddenly felt that the chicken legs in my hands were not fragrant anymore!
“Xiangyang is sane!Someone who confessed casually was deceived?If this is the case,There are not so many single dogs in this world!”
Xiao Xiaoxiao rolled his eyes,I think Zhu Shiyao’s thoughts are a bit sloppy。
“What should I do rationally in front of love!Did you find it,Since Xiangyang became the boss,She is not as lively as before,I still miss that Xiangyang who can seamlessly communicate with others in seven or eight languages。”
Zhu Shiyao is talking,But did not find the shadow of Xiangyang,There is more nostalgia in my eyes。
“People always grow up!”

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