Wang Shuai and they saw Chen Wenjin come back safe and sound,All relieved,But also curiously asked:“He’s really reasonable?”

“I heard that Super Brother except when tossing people,All quite reasonable。”Chen Wenjin wondered about Brother Chao’s brains quickly,He speculated that the moment he waved his hand just now did keep his hand,Maybe I didn’t mean to toss him,Probably because he noticed that Prince Huang Mao wanted to do something,Super Gothic meaning to give face to Prince Huang Mao,Actually left my hand again。
I haven’t finished the meal,One after another, some people said goodbye and withdrew,Say something。
Abao said:“I want to withdraw,Who wants to spend time with Brother Chao?!Hey,Li Xiang and I really withdrew first,He wanted to toss me just now,I won’t let it go for a while,Call me later if Brother Chao is gone!”
Abao led Li Xiang to say hello to Brother Chao,Said to leave beforehand,Brother Chao nodded and agreed,Suddenly reached out,Holding the fatal part of Abao。
A Bao hurriedly exaggerated:“It hurts, Brother Chao!do not!If you break it, you will become a eunuch!”
Brother Chao smiled and looked at the big brother on Abao’s waist and said:“艹!When did your kid get rich?Big Brother lends me a few days!”
“Super brother,do not,How can I contact people when my phone number is gone,You want to like me next time I give you one。”Abao is talking about terms,When is next time?Ghost knows,If you deliberately hide from the meeting, you can do it indefinitely next time,Or I can continue to say next time after meeting。
“艹!I don’t want your card,Card out,Big brother, let me use the phone for a few days。”Super brother said,A little harder。
Abao quickly continued to tell Rao:“If Super Brother likes it,After a while, I will have plenty of money to give you one,I borrow this one and I have no money to buy a new one.!”
Brother Chao was just trying,Of course it’s best to come here,It’s not easy to snatch him,Abao repeatedly begged for mercy,Brother Chao is not easy to start,Ready to release,Suddenly I don’t know who said something:“Leopard million is too fake, right?,Open a bottle of wine for more than 10,000 yuan!What is Big Brother?”
“I fuck!Leopard, do you want to die??”Brother Chao catches the reason,Suddenly annoyed palm increased,Questioning:“Don’t call me for a good drink?Still play poor!Choose for yourself,Open a bottle of wine for me to drink,Or call me?pick one of two,Squeeze and explode!”
A Bao’s face is painful and sweaty,I know I can’t hide,I got caught talking about drinking,Said quickly:“Borrow!Super brother likes it and use it for a few days。”
Brother Chao asked Abao to take out the phone card by himself,Then put down the big brother,Then let him go。
A leopard fell to the ground with embarrassed feet、That lump of pain is shaking,Li Xiang helped out。

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