Zhu Guosheng didn’t know when he walked to Xiang Chen’s side,Asked him。

Looking at my future son-in-law and daughter from afar, they are greeting people,But I always feel that the atmosphere is a bit wrong。
&nbAs for what’s wrong,Zhu Guosheng doesn’t know yet,But in his opinion,Such a thing is simple,Just control the biggest hidden danger in the field,Other problems will be solved!
“how could I know!Look at me now,Suitable for messing?”
Zhu Guosheng’s inquiry gave Xiang Chen a stunned,Then I sneered。
When I found Zhu Guosheng,I thought he was toasting by his side,I didn’t expect it but I was guarding myself。
Feeling the broad-mindedness of the Zhu family,Xiang Chen laughed repeatedly。
“It’s not you,Otherwise, I don’t care how my daughter explains to her friend,I will kill you!”
Zhu Guosheng said angrily,Probably every father is disturbed by his daughter’s happiness,Will always have this attitude。
I also feel that it is impossible for Xiang Chen to make trouble,But he stared in the direction his daughter was looking,Zhu Guosheng can always detect a little bit of bad intentions,Even his daughter is there,But what Xiang Chen reveals is definitely not the gaze of a father looking at his daughter,about this point,Zhu Guosheng is very sure。
Xiang Chen rolled his eyes,Said angrily:“Come to kill!Do it now,Taking advantage of our crowds!”
“I haven’t played enough before?”
Zhu Guosheng gave Xiang Chen a big eye,Only a fool would choose to do it at this time。

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