“skip class”Liu Xing walked aimlessly on the streets of the capital,He feels very uncomfortable。He didn’t want to follow Qin Feng to this city before。Although I have been here before,But he knew that Qin Feng always didn’t trust him,That’s why I brought him to the side。

“Obviously he is a guy who has no good injuries。Actually still trying to want potential me,I don’t know what that guy thinks!”Liu Xing complained with dissatisfaction。
“Little brother!”
at this time,Liu Xing saw someone waving at him。
“calls me?”
“Correct,Little brother here,Good for you!”
“Ahlie?”Liu Xing looked puzzled,Only then was pulled away by a young man who looked rather unruly。The reason why he is unruly,That’s because the other party is wearing a big windbreaker,It’s just like those investigations on TV。
What’s this mess??
With doubts,Liu Xing followed into a small alley。
“brothers,Ask for a ticket?”
“Ticket?What ticket!”Liu Xing looked shocked。
“It’s the concert ticket。This is the capital,The big stars basically come here for concerts every once in a while。But it’s hard to buy a ticket!But I live very well here,I have tickets for the concert you want to see。”
Windbreaker man talks endlessly,And at this time,Liu Xing knew that the person in front of him was a scalper。
“no need,Thank you!”After Liu Xing refused, he wanted to leave,Who knows that the man in the trench coat actually blocked his way and then said,“Eh,Brother,Don’t hurry to go!No tickets, I have other good things here,Want a disc?”
“What dish?”

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