Zhu Shiyao is still eating,Xiao Xiaoxiao’s eyes rolled around at the banquet,It’s like a little fox looking for something that interests him,As for Xiangyang,Just seeing the leftovers in front of her,Xiang Chen seriously suspected that during the time he was away,Xiangyang this girl ate a pig by herself。

While sighing, I don’t know how Xiangyang will marry in the future,While scrambling for the dishes on the table with Xiangyang and Zhu Shiyao。
The whole banquet,The table with the least number of people,Have a great time,I didn’t even notice that the future heads of the three families not far away were looking at them with mixed tastes.。
“The girl you fancy,Good appetite!”
Xiao Ke touched Zheng Ziling next to him,Watching Xiangyang gobbling down,More than novelty,As if my own world was opened by someone。
“Don’t you see it?”
Zheng Ziling glanced at Xiao Ke,Said no angrily。
Listening to the rage between Zheng Ziling and Xiao Ke,Zhu Zhengkang just smiled without talking。
Xiangyang is beautiful,Even Zhu Zhengkang saw it, it was bright,But what makes Zhu Zhengkang most happy is,Someone finally can compete with his sister in this aspect!With Xiangyang, I ate with Zhu Shiyao,Unknowingly,It also reduces Zhu Zhengkang a lot of pressure。
Xiao Ke and Zheng Ziling are no longer talking,But the aura of two people is still rubbing,Just feel it a little bit,You can easily feel。
Mouth up,The smile on Zhu Zhengkang’s face is also quite helpless,These families compete and cooperate with each other in Wanghai,No one can kill anyone,No one can kick anyone out of a competing team,the most important is,No family can tolerate the dominance of one family。
Suppress again,Need to support,I used to be just a dude, don’t think,But when you really come into contact with the family business,Only when Zhu Zhengkang began to truly realize what heart fatigue is。
I don’t know how the old men at home supported such a huge family in the past,So when Zhu Zhengkang looks at those old people,There is also a lot of respect in the eyes。
“Zhu Shao,Failed to complete what you explained,Really embarrassed!”

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