Richard·Anderson subconsciously counted the number of champagne glasses,Ok,15support……But what is she going to do?Or,LexusWhat do you want to express through this ad?

next moment,This female engineer15Champagne glasses full of champagne,To“54321”The arrangement of,In themLexusThe code name is“LS”Of limousines set up a pyramid of champagne glasses……
Looking at the commercial,Richard·Anderson couldn’t help laughing:silly!
Fernandez·Chen is really stupid,He found such a stupid advertising agency、Shot such a stupid commercial!What does this show?Explain their?Lexus LSIs the hood flat enough??
I don’t know the so-called!
But the next moment,Richard·Anderson’s eyes went round:Fucking!How can this be!
Richard·Anderson just got round eyes,WhileLexusThe melon-eating crowds who visited at the booth yelled out neatly……
“Oh, God,This is hell?”
“How can this be!”
The crowd exclaimed。

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