My name is Liu Wenzhang,Lives at Zhuque Street, God City。That one,I did something in Red Willow City before,Ugh!Don’t mention it!brothers,You and I hit it off,It’s better to visit the ancients,How about becoming a brother with a different surname?”This time, City Lord Liu is holding on to the straw,He is a direct descendant of the great tribe of God City,To be brothers with the son of a rural butcher,This before,It’s unimaginable。

“Worship?forget it!I save you by drawing a knife,Actually you are welcome!”Lu Menglin curled his lips,You want to be beautiful!
Liu Wenzhang refused as soon as he saw him,Shook his head quickly:“Is not,Is not!I just admire your good faith, brother!Do you look down on me?Although my strength is not high,But my family is very powerful,Trust me,If we end up righteous,Harmless to you!”
Lu Menglin grabbed the big sun potion in his hand,And then took a few steps forward,Picked up the scarlet Shura axe from the ground。
“This axe is my trophy,Are you okay??”Lu Menglin asked with a smile。
Including Liu Wenzhang,Everyone shook their heads in unison,Dare not have any objections。
Especially Liu Wenzhang, Lord Liu,Suddenly surprised,He thought of the Raksha axe that cursed plus ten,From a practical point of view,Worth more than the verdict,If you use that toy to give yourself a hit,Not only lost his life,Even things in the portable space will burst out。
He even doubts,Will that wild boy get upset with money?,I feel I have good stuff,I’m going to turn around!
Okay,Lu Menglin just shook this Raksha axe,Just wipe it and throw it into the storage space。
“Let’s go!I will send you to the nearest station,See you later!”Lu Menglin didn’t say much,Go straight ahead。
He walks like this,On the contrary, Liu Wenzhang was moved,And I was so moved!
Liu Wenzhang grew up in the family of Shencheng,Sensitivity to interests between siblings,Far greater than family,Usually there is always a fight,It can be said that his youth and youth,All lived through distrust。
Finally won a rare opportunity,Operated by family relations,Put it to Hongliucheng,Be the master of a city,Comfortable for three years,As a result, there was a mob rebellion,I can only find a step down,Being kicked out of town,How frustrated is Liu Wenzhang’s mood,Conceivable。
I thought I could bring the fallen soldiers back to the city,Not only can offset the loss of losing the lord,Can build a wonderful work,I don’t know if I met a master interception halfway through,Most of the guards were killed and injured,Fortunately, I met this wild man named Wu Hao,No scheming,Straightforward and generous,Quite a relic。
If the soldiers and civilians of Hongliu City are all honest people like Wu Hao,I won’t end up like this!
The more Liu Wenzhang hated those people in Hongliu City,The more I like this rough man in front of me,This is probably a kind of compensation mentality called in psychology.!
Lost from one place,To find the sustenance from another place,So as not to be psychologically imbalanced。Liu Wenzhang thinks what happened in Hongliu City,There is obviously a black hand behind the scenes,This black hand can only come from the four major families,That’s why I feel so depressed。

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