Jack Welch was very skeptical。

As a former vice chairman of General Electric,Jack Welch is not ignorant of R&D、Don’t understand,In his opinion,If Chen Geng can really do this,This is no longer a question of genius or genius,This is a monster at all!Maybe it’s really only likebossThe nickname in the legend can only make sense if he does it,He is really an oriental wizard who understands the magic of the mysterious East。
But when Jack Welch wasamcThe design institute saw these two placed on the table1:8Of the sludge model,He suddenly had an urge to kneel:Follow-upbossReally a mysterious wizard from the east?
No wonder Jack Welch was so excited,The design of the two cars that Chen Geng brought out was far beyond his imagination.:
The first car was a four-door sedan。Compared with traditional four-door sedan,This car is elegant and modern,Solemn and avant-garde,With the style of American cars from the 1950s,It makes people feel like science fiction,at the same time,The atmosphere of American cars、The feeling of luxury is conveyed clearly。Jack Welch himself is curious,How can a car convey so much feeling;
As for the second car,I know it is a muscle sports car at a glance,pony car,The raised lines on the body are just like bodybuilding superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger, full of power and muscle.。
Compared with this muscle sports car,The second-generation Challenger just launched by Chrysler’s Dodge brand is just like a little chicken,As for the representative of American muscle cars:FordmustangChevroletcamaro?At least in terms of the external shape and the feel of the lines,It’s not comparable to the sludge model in front of you.……
No blame Jack Welch for feeling this way!
The first four-door sedan that Chen Geng brought out was the tenth generation of Chrysler300c,We do not say how many design awards this car has won internationally,Just say two points, everyone will understand:in04When this car was made in China in 2016,All people who don’t know about this car have the first feeling when they see this car:“Fucking!This car must at least**One hundred thousand?”;Second point,Arrived2010year,BAIC DaimlerChrysler discontinued this300cafter that,Actually some big-minded wedding companies have modified the parking spaces and front of this car,Converted to Rolls Royce,And there is no sense of violation……
As for this two-door American muscle sports car,Ok,More simple and rude,Chen Geng directly put Chrysler in2008The third-generation Challenger, which was launched only in 2015, was brought in to revenge Chrysler。
Compared to this car,1978Cash launched in(Second generation)The challenger is simply an insult to the American muscle sports car,Because the second-generation challenger is actually Dongying Mitsubishi Motorsgalant lambdaVest,galant lambdaIs a coupe from Mitsubishi,At that time, different trademarks were sold all over the world,Chrysler feels good,Brought it directly,Even the engine is Mitsubishi:One separately1.6lwith2.6lTwo in-line four-cylinder Mitsubishi engines,And the engine was completely assembled at Mitsubishi’s Aichi Plant。
You can imagine the reaction of the cash challenger after it was introduced to the market:Americans simply don’t recognize this Dongying car with Chrysler logo,Do not admit that he is a car“Challenger”。
“How about the look?”Chen Geng asked Jack Welch。
“Pretty!It’s too specialm’S pretty,”Jack Welch couldn’t help but explode:“As long as this car is mass-produced,I must buy one……Do not!I must have the next method to make this car mass production!But the boss,The fuel consumption of our engine……”
Without waiting for Jack Welch to finish,Chen Geng smiled mysteriously,Turning his head to ask Stephen beside:“Stephen,InstalledvvtAfter the system,EFI fuel supply system coordinated with my debugging,The one you tested uses401Cubic inch enginejavelinWhat is the fuel consumption of?”
As one of the four largest automakers in the U.S.,amcOf course, the housekeeper of American cars is indispensable:v8engine,amcSubordinatev8Engine from“beginner level”of5.0Rise(304Cubic inch)Has been covered until6.6Rise(401Cubic inch)As for the displacement below five liters“brat”,Then there is no need to say。
Stephen standing next to Chen Geng said immediately:“Comprehensive working condition is every60Mile consumption approximately5.5Gallons of gasoline。”
60Miles are96Kilometer,In terms of conversion, every run96Kilometer consumption25Liter of gasoline,Roughly equivalent to fuel consumption per 100 kilometers26Rise,This fuel consumption is of course not low,But hear this fuel consumption,Jack Welch’s eyes widened suddenly,Astonished:“How many?!”
In this United States, all the displacements are6Higher thanv8The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of the engine is not lower than35Rising age,Own6.6The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of a liter engine is actually only26Rise?Less than three-quarters of them or even lower?

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