Americans are really……Rude!
But facing Kelly·Hicks such rude words,Not only Chu Min,Even the two lesbians on the side could not help but look happy:Sold in one year50Ten thousand cars,Like Kelly·Hicks just said,At least every year50Ten thousand cars,Plus the spare parts needed for repairing the car sold before,For any auto parts supplier,AMCHave become what they need“Kneeling to call father”The presence,From this perspective,AMCThe planning of this auto parts industrial park is actually more likely to succeed again?
As long as Chen Geng’s auto parts industrial park plan can be successful,Robustly introduce a group of auto parts suppliers with world advanced level for China——Don’t say let these auto parts suppliers from Europe and the United States kneel down and call Dad,Let me kneel and call Dad。
Kelly·Hicks continued:“The boss said,from now onAMCOnly purchase spare parts invested and produced in our China Automotive Industry Park,and so,If Bosch does not want to loseAMCThis customer,They must come!
of course,It doesn’t matter if Bosch doesn’t come,Dongying Denso is also begging our boss,On the technical level,Dongying Denso is not inferior to Bosch in Germany。”
Kelly at this moment·Hicks,Completely“Laozi Saw the World”Looks like,A set of postures for Bosch and Denso。
Chu Min’s tears are about to come down:Not all investment invitations should be crying、Shouting、Do you want investors to invest??Whenever it becomes“Dare you come?Dare you to try?”Looks like?
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First791chapter Find a seam to drill in
No matter why Chen Geng dared to be so horizontal,But it doesn’t matter anymore,The important thing is in Chu Min’s opinion,When Chen Geng started to use“becomeacSpare parts supplier”This condition is to attract European and American auto parts suppliers to settle in his auto parts industrial park.,The possibility of this industrial park’s success has approached infinitely100
When this is confirmed,Chu Min was impatient。
He is anxious
Why anxious
Because in Chu Min’s opinion,The success of this auto parts industrial park plan is almost certain,The address of this industrial park has not yet been finalized,It is simply a crime against the people of the whole country
“Miss Hicks,I heard that the park address of your auto parts industrial park has not been finalized, what link is wrong?”Chu Min asked,The tone is slightly eager:“The local government does not cooperate,Or you are not satisfied with the conditions, no matter what conditions and requirements you have,Even though they all bring up,We will do our best to satisfy。”
Kelly Hicks’ eyes rolled,Faced with this kind of triumph,If you don’t take this opportunity to slaughter the opponent,I’m sorry to myself。
“Not that,Go out this time for investigation,The governments of all places are very enthusiastic,”Kelly Hicks knows she can’t show any tendency,Otherwise it will delay the boss,So he didn’t talk about it:“You know,I am an inspection representative,Where to put this auto parts industrial park,This requires the boss to make his own decision,My job,Is to form a report on my investigation,Forbossreference。”

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