Next,No one submits papers in advance,As soon as the exam time comes,Director Wang stood up,Big hand wave,Tao:“carry out an assignment!”

After speaking,Director Wang hurried out,It is estimated that the elderly have poor kidneys,Urgency should be convenient。
At this moment,Teacher Jin walked to the podium,Instructed the students to consciously hand in the test paper to themselves。
quickly,The test papers handed in are stacked high。
“Which classmate is free,Can you help me move the test paper?”Kim So Yeon said with a big smile。
The beautiful teacher gave this order,Almost all the males in the classroom have turned into screaming animals,Raised their hands one after another,Everyone is excited。
To be able to walk with this beautiful Korean female teacher,Just follow behind and look at her curvy figure,It’s already heavenly enjoyment!
Kim So-yeon’s gaze jumped over those arms like the woods of course,Fell on someone in the back of the classroom。
“That classmate,I was so sorry,Teacher misunderstood you,I’ll let you take the test papers?”Teacher Jin said with a smile。
In an instant,Everyone’s eyes in the classroom fell on Lu Menglin and Liu Taosheng in the back row.。
Liu Taosheng frowned,A little confused,Although he has an obvious guard against beautiful women,But the charm of this teacher Jin cannot be easily resisted,He is a little confused。
And at this moment,Teacher Jin hooked his finger at Lu Menglin,Laugh without talking。
Lu Menglin shook his head,Smiling,Strode to the podium。
Liu Taosheng suddenly breathed a sigh of relief in his heart,But the other boys in the classroom are full of regrets,I want that person to be myself。
text Chapter 297 No regrets
Lu Menglin holding the test paper,Follow the beautiful teacher Jin,Through the corridor,Went to the teaching building again,Circled a full half circle,Facing the envious male eyes around,It’s no different from passing through a rain of bullets。
Finally threw the test paper into the office,Lu Menglin is like an ordinary student,Nod,Turn around and leave。
Kim So Yeon’s tender voice came from behind:“Hi,Student Lu,Want to have a drink?”

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