Is not credible。”Fu Xiaoyi firmly does not admit that he would do something like that,I can’t admit it even if it’s true。

“exactly,You’re right,My words are not credible。”Qin Feng helpless,Not what I want to say,Obviously she asked,Speak now,She doesn’t believe it。
Actually Qin Feng had thought of this a long time ago,That’s why I can’t say it again and again,Because he felt that even if he said it, it was just for nothing。
Sometimes women are like this,most of the time,I know I’m doing something wrong,Maybe like this。
She obviously admitted it in her heart,Or it is already default,But I won’t admit it。
And Qin Feng, who has seen everything through, won’t say much,The reason why a girl trusts,Will be unscrupulous in front of a man,Defenseless,Even if you drink too much。
So Qin Feng would never laugh at this kind of thing,Except when neither of them cares,Maybe use it as a joke。
If Fu Xiaoyi,Really care,So what happened last night,Turned into a glass of spirits,Drink it all,No residue,There won’t be any traces,Not to mention again。
“Besides……”What else does Fu Xiaoyi want to ask?,But I am afraid to ask some things that I cannot accept,So for a while,Don’t know how to ask。
“As for the panties,Although I didn’t pee on it,But I think you women love to be clean,Won’t wear yesterday’s underwear。
but,I don’t worry about you being here alone,Can’t go out and buy it for you,I’m afraid you won’t have to wear it when you wake up in the morning,So I have to wash it for you?”Qin Feng said frankly。
“You are because of the underwear that helped me wash?”Fu Xiaoyi was shocked,I really have a gentleman’s heart with a villain。
She was thinking before,When Qin Feng drank too much,,Did something deviant to yourself,Although I accepted it in my heart。
but,this behavior,After all, I am not awake,Unconsciously,Fu Xiaoyi feels disrespectful。
Or,Qin Feng wrote on his face“Unreliable”Three words,Thinking about Qin Feng, he smiled contemptuously。
“You what you,Since I woke up, I’ve been asking the teacher,Those who don’t know thought I pushed you to the same,You acted like a victim,I’m the victim, okay,For no reason……”

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