Nurture is okay,But those monks in the Purple Mansion,Everyone has negative merit,On average one in ten people risked the black smoke of sin。

Vientiane Real People,It’s normal to have the body shrouded in the black smoke of sin。
Instead, among Yuanshen Taoists,Sins are less on average。
Although there are three disasters and nine disasters when the cultivator stepped into the Purple Mansion,But the Purple Mansion has experienced a 300-year disaster at most,Real people in Vientiane have never encountered a catastrophe。
And Yuanshen Taoist is different,If the sin is too high,The difficulty of the catastrophe will be extremely。
Notice,The life level of the Yuanshen is very close to that of the Xuxu Dixian,Barely counted as‘Cents’Up,There is no life limit。
As long as you can survive the disaster,Will live another 900 years。
So Yuanshen Taoist、Returning to the Void Land Immortal generally pays much attention to merit。
But a few sinful souls and rebirth,Will follow some evil ways,Specially refine some evil magic weapons to enhance strength。For example, the dark Taoist Li Ming once killed。
And such a primordial Taoist,There are actually three more inside the Saito clan。
Among the fairies,Fortunately, there are no sinners。
but,Even if there is no sin,Li Ming doesn’t plan to let go of the Saito’s fairies。
Lei Yuan Small World,The position of itself and these Saito immortals are completely hostile。
only,Saito’s common sin,Let Li Ming be even more merciless。
Li Ming shook his head,Having said that,But now is not the time to deal with Saito。
Saito,The ancestor Saito is as strong as a god,And there is also formation assistance in the old nest,Really must die。
he,Just by this golden light flying boat,Directly enter the world of winter travel。
“It’s time to leave!”Li Ming’s heart moved,Leaving Saito’s nest at a very fast speed。
And when Li Ming left,A secret room in the core area of Saito’s old nest,Was opened。

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