This woman,Still staying here,Xia Jianzheng wants to refute her。

suddenly,Chen Erniu ran in,He said in a panic:“Xia Jian,Go back to the village committee,Someone is making trouble“
Someone is making trouble?Xia Jianyi listen,Don’t want anything,One after another with Fang Fang,Go straight to the village committee。
The gate of the village committee,Have circled around to see the lively villagers,Everyone see Xia Jian,Then quickly separated,Xia Jian and Fang Fang stepped in。
On the steps under the eaves,Sitting a middle-aged woman in her fifties,This woman is dressed a little fashionable,Not like Xiping,But she has messed up hair,Cover most of the face。
Ouyang Hong holds his shoulders with both hands,A look of anger,Waterfall-like black hair,Still hanging a comb,It seems she hasn’t finished washing,Was interrupted by this woman。
“what happened?Do people still have food early in the morning??“Xia Jian a pun。
Ouyang Hong glanced at Xia Jian,No sound,Woman sitting on the steps,Violently separated the messy hair on the face,Speak loudly:“Just come,I didn’t do things well,Don’t even think about eating”
Xia Jian saw it clearly,This woman is not someone else,It is Wang Degui’s wife Chen Yueqin,This surprised him a bit,Since Xiping Village suffered a flood,None of this family showed up,It seems that she came to the village committee today a bit bad。
“What does it mean?make it clear”Xia Jian knew in his heart,This woman is a shrew in Xiping Village,Relying on Wang Degui,There is no one she is afraid of in Xiping Village,If I can’t hold her down,Ouyang Hong is even more difficult。
Chen Yueqin saw that Xia Jian didn’t mean to be afraid of her,Immediately jumped up,Speak loudly:“What does it mean?What do you mean,For the sake of Xiping Village,Overwork becomes epidemic,Lived in town for almost a month,None of you bothered,What kind of shit temporary leader did you choose?,Do you want to seize power??”
Chen Yueqin talked and jumped,The hands are still following,It’s like jumping a god,Xia Jianqiang suppressed the anger in his heart,He wants to see,What does this woman want to do。
“you,Isn’t it just a gangster??Climbing people’s walls,Gougou people’s little widow,Fights everywhere,By someone like you,Still lead,I don’t know the people in Xiping Village are blind,Or the eyes of the leader of Pingyang Town are venting”Chen Yueqin gets more and more scolded,Not only turned over the glorious history of Xia Jian,And scolded the villagers,Ouyang Hong。
Sure enough, there is a set of scolding,As if rehearsed。

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