Francis can’t help but pick up,It is worthwei。

Then,He also started playing。There is no kind of cheerfulness in the music.,His play is like thinking。friend?Still love?Wen Di can not help but。
It seems to have,However, it is definitely the same person.。
same,This is never heard of tunes.。Just like Wen Di Just now.,Francis does not have a music library,Instead, you will decide a poem.。
Francis play,No one applauded,Almost everyone thinks,I thought of war’s comrades,I thought of the last lovers,I thought of my own freedom。
Wendi’s first applause,Some people react,Downcast,Applaud。
This one afterwards,Basically everyone is crying,There is no way to vote at all。
Weidi grabbed flanges,I am afraid that he ran.,Directly drag the crowd,Run to your own home。
Wen Di pushed the door,Pull in him in,close the door。Three action lines,Aesthetic。I will know that I have done a lot.。
One is like a sunny doll.,Snow white coat,The big eye bead on the black face is blinking。Directly to Wen Di,His hair and chicken nest。
“introduce,This is Francis,My friends,”The little guy on the opposite head,And Francis:“This is my friend’s small breeze,As you can see,It is a wind elright。”
Francis, excited,But actMaxThe effect makes him very well suppressed。Surprises on the face,Triple oneself,Three-point happy,Alert。
Ask:“How did this little guy come in??”
Weidi also shakes his head,“I do not know either。But I saw this little guy and took him back.,After all, there is still some greed guy in the city.,The wind is very rare in the city.,It is inevitable that it will not be sold to a pet。”
Francis nodded,Always recognize his practice。Wen Di continued:“Now,Francis,my friend,I have something to ask you.,May be some kinds of liberty,but,Are you willing to join the war against tyrants??”
Talk time,Wendi stared at him without turning his eyes.,Calm。Unlike the joy of just now。
Francis did not expect him to be directly,Wrinkled frown asked a sentence,“How do you think I will join??”
“Because,I have heard your sorrow from your piano.,Although I don’t know what is going on.,but……But you won’t think、I want to stay here again.!in other words,No matter what you are,but,Titana Lipian is also your enemy.!”Wen Di carefully said。Worry,Pleaken,pity,I hope that I have been in this sentence.。
“Ok,I agreed!”Francis turns the eyes to the wind elves。He said,Barbabus,Maybe this is what I have to experience you.。
“Thanks……thanks!I assure you to you with the name of freedom.,Francis,I won’t live up to your trust!”
Time is very fast,Francis did not expect,A month later,The war began。
This time,He is not idle,In addition to collecting feathers together with the little guy,Still practice sword。
Word poem is very strong,The sword handle is done for Francis.,Holding it very comfortable in your hand。
Sword is engraved with a poem,About this sword。Two cuts don’t know what to make,Green like jade will shine at night。
The swim is made by white jade and star string.,It is not difficult to see the superb skills of the makers。
Francis’s sword law has no name,after all,He hasn’t thought about what is the name?。
Temporarily is the poetry sword,no way,Francis is not good at getting known,But since the sword is a poem,The sword method is not a poetic language.,Quite good。
Francis doesn’t know what to do in Weidi.,After all, Andrry did not hurt it.。
He didn’t listen to people’s secret habits,Even if Wen Di is active,He will not care。But he will not ask。
Thing in the game,Still less contact,At least the protagonist appears。

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