“it is good,Fatty Wang,You are getting better!”Li Zekai laughed and said。

“It’s my honor to do things for you。”
“it is good,Today i eat meat,Let you drink soup。
I’ll get these two bitches right away,I allow you to appreciate!”
The manager, Fatty Wang, had a chill,I don’t have his perverted hobby。But he still said flattery:“Thanks a lot,Li Shao!”
Li Zekai said to the two bodyguards behind him:“on,Strip these two bitches naked for me!”
Two tall horses、The bear-like man is arrogant and walks towards Wang Zilin and O Sheng。
Watching them execute Li Zekai’s orders without hesitation,Obviously I did this kind of thing before,Is a light car,Without any psychological pressure。
Chen Xiu is unchanged,Between the two women and the two bodyguards。
“Think heroes save beauty?”
Li Zekai felt angry when he saw Chen Xiu,Why are you so rich,Can’t sleep with beautiful women writing checks,This kid is not necessarily more handsome than himself,Just let the two beauties hug,Said with a dark smile:“I see a lot of people like you,I always think I’m going to get ahead。”
Said to the bodyguard:“Old rules,Broke him!”
The two bodyguards are about to do it,O Sheng behind Chen Xiu suddenly shouted:“and many more!”

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