Auntie was also shocked by Qin Hao’s fast speed。

She couldn’t express her thoughts in words for a while。
Can only nod mechanically,Then I took care of myself and put all the harvest into the bag。
Then carry it bag by bag towards home。
Huang Tiansheng, who was peeling peanuts at home, saw them coming back。
“Old woman,It’s still early,Why came back?You can cut more,I packed up so soon and came back?”
Huang Tiansheng looked puzzled,I came back in half an hour?
“Brother Hao has already cut this field,”Huang Xiaoding said to Huang Tiansheng five to ten。
Huang Tiansheng didn’t believe it,Then stared at Auntie,Aunt nodded,But Huang Tiansheng still doesn’t believe it。
Huang Xiaoding stopped talking,Directly pushed Huang Tiansheng out in a wheelchair。
Then Huang Tiansheng watched the golden color on the rice field disappear all at once,The rest of the harvest is waiting in the sack in the rice field。
At this moment, my face is so wonderful,Then scratch his head。
“Confiscated half an hour ago,That’s it?”
Chapter Fifty-Three One wave has not settled, another wave rises
Looking at the rice fields that have been harvested,Huang Tiansheng muttered to himself。
“Why is he so,awesome,I suddenly believed that he could heal,”Huang Tiansheng continued。
arrive home,Auntie has already served breakfast。
“We rural people don’t pay attention to anything,All these porridge and pickles in the morning,If you don’t dislike it, you will,”Auntie took out the bowl and chopsticks and said to Qin Hao。
“Puff puff puff,”There was the sound of a car outside。
Then several cars were placed in the yard in front of Huang Xiaoding’s house。

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