This time,Yin Yin Wang、Shenshan is a big frown,Insert into tangled,Can be like an Ouyangk,Already ready to check。

at this time,Chu Deirers laundering,Before falling in a cricket,Hang:“You are also the people with faces in the rivers and lakes.,Don’t you still have an emerald??and……Even if you are a despicable little person,Yan Hek is also a despicable little person、Will stay in the treasure in the coffin of the people.?”
Listening to the words of Chu Deirers,Most of all people have turned off their thoughts.——Yan Hexia……It is definitely not such a person!
Have some face,It is inevitable to hesitate to hesitate。
certainly,Some people are also blocked by Chu Deirers,And more suspected……
“Oh?Why is Chu Chuzi so urgent??What do you know??”Zhuo extraordinary。
“Chu Chuzi doesn’t worry,Is true、Let’s take a look!”Ouyangk said,Already secretly gives the dragon signal。
I saw this giant snake,At this time, rushing to a nearest coffin.,This beast’s strength,If you feel that you can hit the people。
Although the location,This should not be the first generation of Emei、Monthian is too embarrassing,But the Chu Deirers still anger“Bile”,Then the figure is shaking,Block in front of the giant snake,One hand“Orthodont”,The left eye attacked to the big snake、One-hand big boxing to snake kiss……
Big snake breath,I saw that the Chu Deirers were hit by steps.,Can you stay a big snake?,and……The right eye of the big snake……
“Bustard!”Xiaohong is proud。
Snake no eyelid,But you can see it when you are molty.,There is also a transparent soft scale on the eyes.。
However, the left eye blocked the email finger,But the right eye, but I can’t block Xiaohong.!
Chapter 418 Extinction
When the Chu Deirers were shot,Small red on the shoulder,I have also been taken by Chu Deirers.“Evil spirits”!
Small red body structure、Vein structure,Unlike human beings,Unable to share humanity,However, it can be within the time of interest,Experience the effect。
therefore“Evil spirits”Side effects,Not appearing,And Xiaohong has played“Evil spirits”speed……
As if、Winding,“shoot”To the right eye of the big snake!
Snake、Meat,And even in the interior,This will restrain the family,Chu Deirers Yu Liuqi refers to not successfully。
But everything is residual,This little red claw and front,It is specifically used to break snake skin、Snakes!
Red light flashes,The speed in the field is almost unable to react……
Almost the little reddish call,Circle in the top of the big snake,It comes to react、Scream。
“you!”Ouyangk can see a while and distressed。
However, many people are red.,Chu Deirers have not shocked,Someone is lucky,From other directions,Touch the past。
Even someone took the opportunity to attack“Hinder”Chu Deirers!
And this time,There is a big bold,You can drive a group of greedy,A group of extraordinaries,If you don’t have a greedy……
But just at this time,Aircraft around a burst,I only see the surrounding rock wall,Unlunched nine glare glazings,Internal shadow、I don’t know how many people,The first person,It is the old nun to hold a bright sword.。
“Who is mad?,Be good for this visit?”A young scream sound。
Someone is still answered,The old Niki:“Unknown,Sin must,I also ask them what is going on??”
“And slow!Madam Kill-all,Wutai Hometown Visit……”Shenshan see this time Emei,And this place,Don’t say how many organs,If it is directly killed, it is too embarrassed.,Even busy opening express。
However, the destroy teacher is too only a cold.:“Holy place,Don’t talk about!”

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