“Sell for a hundred,It’s a general imitation,The workmanship is more meticulous。”The man put his face aside。

“One hundred yuan?”Xia Yueshu said in surprise,The buckle of a can,Sell one hundred yuan after processing?
“two hundred,Okay,You picked it up anyway。”The man thought Xia Shuyue was surprised because he offered too low。
Xia Yueshu heard that the man added another hundred yuan,I suddenly realized that this must not be processed by the uncle himself。
No wonder Zhang Siwei said before that there is no second person with this craft,It means she has seen through,Only oneself stupid,I believe the uncle did it himself。
She put it in her bag and turned away,The man caught up,“five hundred,how about it?”
“You are so cheating,Not for sale!”Xia Shuyue speeds up。
“one thousand,Sell or not?”Man bid again,And add five hundred at once。
Xia Yueshu did not expect a humble pendant,The purchase price is over a thousand,Explain that the price of this item may exceed one month’s salary。
I knew it was so expensive,You shouldn’t take things from the uncle。
This thing is too small,Easy to fall off in the bag,It’s safer to wear on the neck,She quickly took the pendant out of her bag and hung it around her neck。
Walked to a newsstand,Xia Shuyue shouted to the boss,“Take a piece of today’s evening paper。”
“Fifty cents。”The boss quickly handed it up。
“Yesterday’s?I want one too。”

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