Lin Ye is arrogant。

Lin Wei is also some acid。
Lin Wei is getting sorrowful and looked at them.:“I see that you are not as good as a wedding.,Take a tacit-married child,I have seen the same day of the tacit understanding.。”
Su Sei Ming listen,Happy,“Lin Biao,Borrow you,Bros,or,Let’s take the eight characters to free。”
“whispering sound,Who wants to be with you?,Our relatives and friends of our customers are almost,Let them eat a meal,With four copies of money,Don’t die。”
Mu Zizi is not happy。
“Bamboo,That is their blessing,When did they have seen four handsome and most golden family?。”
Su Seiming long arm,Take the peaceful。
Lin Biao is more acid,He has disease,Why do you find this?。
Lu Haocheng Road:“Watch,Let’s go in。”
Lu Haocheng took Blue Xin to walk,Blue Xin said to Lin Yuantian“Congratulations”Later,Look at Lin Ye ,Repeatedly:“You two are rare,Today is so handsome!”
The two have just been hurt now.。
Too,Lin Biao all day Sao’s big flower shirt,It’s hard to be true,http://www.takex-koganei.cnReally pleasing。
Lu Hao Cheng:“”Pull in her to walk。
In fact, it is very sour in my heart.,Why is today’s new 不 不?。
His special expectation today this day。
Su Si Ming and Ou Jing, who came behind, said smiles。
An Ke looks at Lu Hao Cheng’s back,I feel that he is angry.。
She asked:“Amin,What happened to land??”
Su Seiming laughed:“You just didn’t listen to Blue Blue and said Lin Ye and Lin Yu Tianghaiso.?
That is jealous.。
”Lu Haochi’s vinegar,Everyone else should look at his wife, you have to eat vinegar.。
“what”An Ke laughs,“The blue and not there is any opposite sex friend?”
“have,There is a very good blue color,But except him,I estimate that only we have a few differentities.。”
Su Seiming voice is very low,Le Yu is walking in front of him。
An else nodded。
Wedding is held in the top,Just like Lin Yu said.,No more people,Just put ten tables。
Lu Haocheng has a big table,Have a laughter,It is also rare。
crystalTOn the big screen on the stage,Wedding photo of two people。
Blue Xin quietly looking at their wedding photos,Han Jingjing is the model from the model,Nice body!Usually makeup,The makeup on the wedding photo is a lot.,Laugh, a happy,More than a few people more than usual。

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