at this time,Summary suddenly moved,Fast transition。

Be in a hurry,A thorn knife swept, he just now,Han Mountain launched a fierce attack。
But there is no hitting in the summer,Knife is turning,Did not leave slight fluctuations。
Summer frown,Huge mind。
The scene suddenly calm down。
The audience between the mountains stopped discussion,Look down on。
They don’t know how strong the strength of summer,But Han Mountain’s magic will definitely belong to a highlight。
A gorgeous knife is empty,Summer clothing corner turning into flying gray。
If it is slow halfway,Some of the arms。
The danger is safe and avoided,Summer frown again。
The ring is in silence,Everyone is in a nervous gaze。
It’s another knife and empty.,Direct summer waist,Moment,Summer shape is like a gyro-like rotation。
then,His figure is attached to the knife。
Knife back,But the summer has locked each other,Go straight to the ground。
No extra action,A boxing,Simple and straightforward,Fist is almost crystal,Transfer a huge boxing,狠 砸。
Ground tremor,Then it is said to,Hanshan’s figure was shocked by life。
He fly backwards,A arm has been distorted,It is obvious that the arm is broken by the summer.。
“Still come out,Universal is useless to me。”
Summer faint opening。 Han Mountain is angry,The shape is flying.,It disappeared on the spot。
“I said,Your skill is useless to me.,It is better to come out of the front.。”
Summer direction direction,Switch。
Han Mountain face in the throne,Hearing a rapid transform direction。
Summer nice head,No more,Shaping,Leave a shadow。
Chaos of chaos makes energy storms in the competition,Another example is the impact wave layer layer superimposed outward。
Han Mountain was once again shocked,The sound of the bone crack is clear throughout the audience。
He has a knife’s arm has been drooped.,Dramatic trembling,Faceful。
Summer has not stopped,Lightning follow-up,Fist,Hurricane,The colorful light is like Hongmang.。
Han Mountain reluctantly guards the long knife,But don’t want to shake your wrist in summer.,If wearing a flower butterfly,Bypass the blade,A punch is on the knife。

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