It’s here,at this time,With Zhao Shijie’s words finished,In the hearts of those around you,I’m very excited。

Here after all,Such a thing,To be precise,In fact, it makes many people’s hearts,There is no doubt。
But from here,Such a thing,In fact, it is absolutely necessary http://www.diandianfan.cnto speed up to solve the problem.。
I just watched it just a little bit,at this time,By Zhao Shijie,Others don’t forget to say here。
“That’s what it said,If it is so,Then the next thing,Actually, we have nothing to worry about at all。”
“That’s why, These are a very good opportunity。”
“if so,Then that means,Wang Teng will surrender to us sooner or later?”
Now,Those around,I saw here one after another。
After all before this,Such a thing,In fact, it’s completely on the bright side。
As for the next,What should I start with,Actually just these,Zhao Shijie is still pondering here。
however,While Zhao Shijie was still thinking about it here,obviously,this matter,Actually I know it’s a good one。
While looking at this place,Zhao Shijie is planning to give orders。
but,By Zhao Shijie,A subordinate,Ran in in a hurry。
“Young master,Something bad。”

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