Quiet and terrible!

Summer lifts the head,The dark scorpion swept away from Zo Hut and Hong Tian.。
His eyes are flat,But it is a heartmaking。
Zo Hut is deeply breathing a breath,Put the fear in your heart,Sink,“summer,You actually kill it on the spot,Do you think you have a good result??”
Summer smile again,Faint,“I don’t have to worry about you.,Want to retaliate,Any means I will then。”
Paused,Also,“but,Who wants this door today?,One million,If you don’t pay,Leave the life。”
“you,You are extortion!”
“Correct,I am extortion。”
Summer is slow,Don’t go http://www.lyrxjf.cn before。
More than 20 masters in front of him,Unique face,Lower consciousness。
“I tell you.,You have to talk to me,Now I will talk to you,You talk to me?Also let people not live!”
Hour time,嗖,Summer shape。
Zuo Hutong sudden,Under the bouting arms,It is still late.,He still doesn’t know what is going on.,A strong attack,A sudden sound,He already flying half air,Heavy falling ground,Faceful,Horn angle overflows blood。
Several three-tech master is very shocked,Suddenly swearing。
At the same time, there are seventeen people trying to take out.,But http://www.xinhaimc.cn followed by continuous sound,This seventy-eight people fly back,When you are on the ground, the bow is in the body.。
Look,Zo Hut has been helped by the two,There is no blood on the face of the pale pole.。
“I have a business!”
He stared tightly in the summer,Backward,“Just pay money,Can you take him away?。”
Summit immediately out of the face,Change is fast。
He got a fat man standing at not far away.,See him nervous,Obesity body is tremble,Suddenly,Summer laughing,Supplemented a sentence。
“He is different from your price,He takes 10 million。”
Ten million
Wow,Zo Hut once again vomiting blood。
But once,He did not continue to anger,Even the anger on your face also disappeared。
All emotions,All crossted in the heart。
He has already seen it.,Youth is a http://www.tlccrew.cn super 人,Fundamentally,Also not afraid。
Continue,They are likely to be all killed.,Even if you have no better end,But it is also unrelated to them.。
In fact,Starting from the moment they come in,There is only one way。

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