Ma Chuntao quickly laughed and said。

Thanks to Ma Chuntao in the car,So there is more laughter。Everyone talking and laughing,I’ve arrived in the city unknowingly。Ma Chuntao got out of the car on the east side of Minzhu Road,This is not far from Wang Youcai’s private hospital,Arrived across a street。
After getting off the bus, Ma Chuntao watched Xia Jian’s Bao Shijie disappear into her sight,She has mixed feelings in her heart。The greatest luck in her life is to run into someone as good as Xia Jian,Otherwise she is the same as other women in the village,Can only be a family husband and a child。
Since she became the head of Zhang Yang Village,She felt that this life had a rush。Because she has her own goal in her heart。When the villagers have lived a wealthy life,Ma Chuntao became the first hero of Zhang Yang Village。
Now she is the manager of Zhangyang Village Cooperative,The flower market in Pingdu City and surrounding counties is almost completely occupied by Zhangyang Village。Thinking of these,Ma Chuntao’s heart is sweeter than the one who drank honey。
I cleaned up my beautiful mood,Ma Chuntao walked to Wang Youcai’s Pingkang Hospital。When Ma Chuntao walked into the lobby of the hospital, she found,There are so many people here to see a doctor,This shows that although Wang Youcai is ugly,But business is still a good hand。
Wang Youcai’s office is on the sixth floor,When Ma Chuntao climbed up the steps,Tired out of breath。She stood at the end of the corridor and gasped for breath,Then I took out the small mirror and added some lipstick,She just knocked on the door of Wang Youcai’s office。
Now Wang Youcai is really a faction。His office is not only spacious and bright,And the office is well equipped,On his big desk,Gave him a computer。to be honest,This computer is used by Wang Youcai,He can only play games。
Needless to say, the sofa and coffee table in the room,All high-end goods。In addition, Wang Youcai ingeniously installed a dark room in the office。Bathing utensils are all available inside,There is also a small bed for him to rest。
Wang Youcai saw Ma Chuntao come to him,He was a little excited and greeted him from behind the big desk to the door,He held Ma Chuntao’s little hand and was a little reluctant to let go。In the end, Ma Chuntao pulled hard,Wang Youcai just let go。But when he turned,And locked the door of the office from the inside。
Ma Chuntao felt the strangeness of Wang Youcai,But she didn’t care。Who is she,She is famous for her aggressiveness。Before becoming the village head,Many people in Zhangyang Village are afraid,Even Xiping Village, which is very close to their village,There are also many people who know how good she is。
“President Wang!Is it time to end the flower money??Your hospital is now operating normally,You can’t push anymore”
Ma Chuntao laughed,I twisted my ass and sat on the soft sofa。

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