“Four o’clock。”

“You dream?”
“I can’t lie to the adults.。”Circumference。
“That is!”The group also said。
“Be a dream,What is strange?。”I am unhappy, I am gone.,“I remembered the previous thing.,Day thinking,Night dreams。”
“Do you usually dream often??”Zhou。
“You are very sleeping.。”Zhou went around him,“Dreaming?”
“nothing。”槐 序。“I’ve forgotten it all。”
“Is he lying??”Turn around。
“that is!”Group。
“Look。”Zhou will wrap the quilt,Lying on the side, looking up,抿 抿 抿,“If you think of some bad、What is uncomfortable,But don’t want to tell me,Then what do you make me with you??You can’t come http://www.zsocms.cn by yourself?”
“And faster than driving。”Zhouzhi supplement。
“I used to be a bad person,You know, I will hate me.。”槐 序,“I have done a lot of bad things.。”
“Is a big devil??”
“You are bored。”
“I don’t know you before.,I only know you now.,And you have known your previous things.,He didn’t hate you,Why do I hate you??”Zhou said helpless shook his head,“And it’s too late.,My adults and people have already like you very much.……Is it a group??”
“You said that you hate me.。”
“The group of people lie to you.……”
“So hurry。”Zhouzhi can’t wait,“Can’t sleep,You are finished,We will go out.,So yourself is discovered。”
“I killed a lot of demon,I also killed a lot of people.,Some is damn,Some will not die but I am not wrong.,But there are still a lot I don’t know any reason.,No reason,Just because the above people order me to kill them,I killed them.。”槐 look at the distance,“They ask me,I will ask me,I have no wave in my heart.。This kind of thing has taken a lot of times。And many people and demon roots have not done anything wrong.,Or weak, no resistance,And I will kill a bunch.。”
Zhouzhi short silence for a while,I finally used a relaxed way to say:“It turns out that the cow that you used to be blown is true.。”
“I also bully small,Fire robbery。”
“Is there still??”
“How much,You must have never seen me on the belt of people in the belt.。”
“How big are you??”
“very pitiful。”
Chapter 531 They know a fart
It has been a white。
Stars still。
Zhou Zhiyou points a pick-up light,Turn the brightness to the darkest,Putting in the front score,Small light sprinkled with candlelight,Add a warm http://www.xinlanmumen.cn and soft to the car。What’s better is that this micro-light does not affect their appearance star stars.。
The group around me blinks:“The nepper is sleepy.,want to sleep……”
“what about you?”Group is puzzled。

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