But with supernatural powers,This sound wave energy just made Li Ming’s body tremble slightly,Not at all lethal。

But it is not so easy to resist the other four immortals。
The surface of Qing Yuan’s child burns with a blue flame,The flame is in harmony with his body,Drive out the sonic energy。
Black and White used a treasure,Golden light covers the body surface,Also resists sonic attacks。
But the other two immortals have no such ability。
A sword air appeared on the surface of the immortal body of the surname Hong,With the help of a top grade flying knife magic weapon,Sound wave energy‘Behead’Count into,Barely resisted,But the seven orifices all have blood flowing out。
The immortal Ju is good at water and http://www.lijin-lawyer.cn fire spells,There is no energy to resist this sound wave,Shocked alive,Even the primordial spirit failed to reincarnate。
“Judaoyou!”Qing Yuanzi’s face changed drastically,But I can’t save him。
And Li Ming also looks ugly,Unexpectedly, there will be a companion here falling down instantly。
Under fury,Regardless of retaining strength,Unfold like heaven,The body is 72 feet tall,Six pairs of arms stretched out suddenly,Become the size of a bat god,In front of the other three immortals,Then six fists slammed down。
Starlight converges at six fists,The icy starlight revolves to form a galaxy,Then burst out suddenly。
《Star change》Tenth formula·Galaxy!
if we assume,《Star change》The ninth formula is a one-million-year dispersal of immortals、The tenth type is the trick of the three million-year-old celestial series。
And Li Ming uses the body of the god and devil,The six arms themselves are comparable to the magic weapon of Chunyang Zhongpin,Even more with the increase of magical hand,Vaillant can be called http://www.shanghaokeji.cn the ultimate。
The bat god has retired。
Face this blow,He dare not retreat,
He can feel,With his strength,Hard resistance is death!

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