I just finished,Wu Xiu Xiu suddenly opened the door,Stepping on the slipper,惺忪 惺忪,Obviously just wake up。

“that is,In the past, we filled us in front of the water.!”
Xue Qing is also the same,The hair is coming out of mess.,There is no scruple of science that。
The drone is flying over the yard.,They http://www.shinanmusic.cn appear this,The lens is right.,The flow of the live broadcast is also clear and clear.。
“I go,Su Yan is so beautiful.?”
“I didn’t expect it.,There is such a color in the state of Su Yan.,It’s too powerful.。”
“Xuan Ge earned,This is no makeup,It’s just natural beauty!”
People in the live broadcast are praised。
Usually Xue Qing and Wu Xiuxiu are still a first-class beauty before the live shots,But almost everyone think that is the effect of makeup。
But now these two people have just got up.,Obviously it is,There is no difference between peace of peace.,This incidates that,They are really beautiful women!
“You got up.!”
Shen Xuan smiled,Say:“I don’t think you have gone.!”
Be talking about,Lin Wei’s room door was also opened.,Lin Wei wearing a pajamas came out from the inside,It is also a face,It seems that I haven’t woken up yet.。
“You are so early.!”
Lin Wei played a yawn,Have a greeting with Shen Xuan and others。
Her appearance,People in the live broadcast are more fried!
“Lying trough,This is a little change.!”
“Beauty,Real beauty,Even if you are yawning,It’s all fairy!”
“Ai bar,Why is the luck of Xuan?,Three encountered are pure natural beauty!”
People in live broadcasts have a burst of chest,All express a dissatisfaction and jealousy。
And three this, even more beautiful, beautiful, super beautiful, http://www.025blog.cn in one piece,Who is not awkward?
Now this society,Go out,It seems that there are many beautiful women,But after the makeup,One-quarter value that can keep make makeup is not bad.。
after all,That is the makeup surgery known as one of the four evils.!
Be unpredictable.!
“Since you all get up,Wash it down.,I am going to prepare breakfast,I can eat it.!”
Shen Xuan’s eyes have a few more eyes in Lin Hao’s body.,I am also happy in my heart.。
have to say,He is also very unexpected to Lin Wei’s beauty.。

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