Survivation amount excellent increase promotion to upgrade

This newspaper (Reporter Zhu Yue Yulin Peng Trainee Reporter Li Rong correspondent Li Yi) September 29, Jinshan once again pressed the "fast forward button" of the industrial transformation and upgrading. On the morning, "Jinshan Transformation Dream Carbon Valley Green Bay" 2021 Golden Mountain Major Industry Project held in the third season of the third season, 12 projects were concentrated, and the total planned total investment was 111 billion yuan.

Since this year, Jinshan continues to be practical, accelerate the high-quality development of the industry, and strive to build a new economic growth, and make a beautiful "transcript" of an investment promotion: As of August this year, in the district, foreign investment contract project total 71 , The total planned investment is about 100 million yuan, and the annual target has been completed with an annual target of 30 billion yuan. "Since this year, Jinshan District has attracted a number of large projects, the number of projects, total investment, total investment, and start-up speed." District Party Secretary Liu Jian said that next step, Jinshan will implement the "North-South Transformation" strategy requirements, further anchoring the goal, increase the effort, accelerate the pace of the turn, and focus on building "Shanghai Manufacturing" brand important carrier area and Hangzhou Bay The high-end industrial collection area of ??the North Shore has created a new growth of kinetic energy for high quality development in the city.

The "Tight Opera" in the Central Blueprint of the Carbon Valley Green Bay is a "high-head show" in this concentration of new blueprints.

The project is targeting the national "double carbon" and "double cycle" strategy, Shanghai 14th Five-Year Plan "Nort-North Transformation" industry development direction, is a new highland of the Lingang Group and Jinshan District.

The project focuses on high-end green new materials, biomedicine, energy-saving and environmental protection and productive service industry "3 + 1" industrial system, realizing the "green" upgrade of industrial transformation, creating carbon valley Green Bay Advanced Materials Science City Reference Rod Park. The reporter learned that the total investment of the project is about 400 million yuan, the project area is about 46 mu, building a high-rise innovation center, four small and medium-sized enterprises headquarters buildings and two public research and development buildings, it is expected to build production at the end of 2023.

On the "big chessboard" of the overall transition of the "Carbon Valley Green Bay" industry in Jinshan, the Langang Carbon Valley Green Bay starting project is undoubtedly a new "chess eye". The project is integrated with existing Torch Innovation Center and the Carbon Fiber Research Institute, together to build a source of scientific and technological innovation strategies; with high-end new materials and new energy industries as the core, representatives of nano-carbon materials and hydrogen energy, integrating headquarters, R & D, hatching, Display, supporting, light production six major functions, forming a high-end industry complex including technology research and development, experimental trial, manufacturing, and service support; ecology, IOD (wisdom) and hod (human book) For the three major development orientation, actively explore the "carbon peak, carbon neutral" development path, make full use of new energy and new technologies, reduce the use and emissions of carbon, and create low-carbon wisdom demonstration parks.

In fact, the company, the company, Jinshan Erwood District, has already been "sputum layout" in the overall transformation, selecting the north-north-north-north-north of Jinshan Avenue, to create a technological innovation "incubator" mainly from the top of the R & D office property, and build the southern The factory-based enterprise cultivates "test fields".

The total investment project plan in the south of Jinshan Avenue has a total investment of about 100 million yuan, with approximately 112 mu, providing a unique customized plant model. Up to now, the company has accumulated more than 100 customers, and selected 34 key projects, with a total investment of billion yuan, and it is expected that the annual output of 100 million yuan, annual tax billion. With the continuous deepening of the project, the carbon grantron-Green Bay starting project has introduced a group of professional thinkulecular agencies, park function platforms and quality industrial projects, and further realize the "nesting poverty" and play "magnetic field" effect. The first subscription unit covers the high-end intelligence of the transformation of the park, such as the Shanghai Industrial Transformation Research Institute, Tongji University City Risk Management Research Institute, Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute, Shanghai New Materials Industry Association; Energy-level colleges and association platforms, such as green low-carbon development signed on the same day, research on Carbon Valley Green Bay, the Yangtze River Green Bay, Carbon Valley Green Bay Chemical Safety Training Center and the Dragon-Hong Kong Innovation Management School of Hong Kong Innovation Management Bay branch; at the same time covering the leaders and benchmark companies in China and abroad, Runa Nano, Cocobo, Dewei coatings.

The emerging industries such as high-purity electron-level reagents, antibacterial functional materials are also raised, and the traditional advantageous industries such as functional coatings are also improved. Jinshan Second Work District "Two Turn II" is transferred to the new movable energy in our district is stronger to start "Shanghai Bay Area" City brand, the "One Valley, One City, One Area, One Area" in the Binhai Area is the five-year-old "Shanghai Bay District" city brand building five I have a power point, and the "Carbon Valley Green Bay" industrial park in Jinshan Erwood is is "a grain". In recent years, it is fully committed to upgrading this "big article", blowing innovation breakthroughs "charge number" . Zhao-Hong Kong Carbon Valley Green Bay starting project as a successful case of the transformation of Jinshan two-workers, "from the point and the face" show a good momentum of the overall transformation of the "two-turn" in the Jinshan 2nd work area.

Since 2019, since the National Green Park, Jinshan Erwood District has been selected as "China’s Smart Chemical Park Pilot Demonstration (Create) Unit", focusing on the overall deployment of "One Valley Second Park One Area", forming a new type of surfactant, function SCIENTIARUM NATURALIUM UNIVERSITATIS.

Like the gorgeous "turning" and high-tech "track" lead.

The reporter learned that since the first half of this year, the "3 + 1" industry positioning of energy-saving and environmental protection is focused in this year. It introduces 11 Sinopec elastomers, and there are 11 signed projects, and the total investment is about 100 million yuan. At the same time, the comprehensive promotion of enterprise assets repurchase and land storage in the transition area, 70 indigenous enterprises; through direct repurchase of the park, the acquisition of enterprises, the acquisition of idle land use, accumulate land storage, repurchase 993 acres, Continuously expand industrial development space. By planting "Wutong Tree", introducing "Jinfeng", Jinshan Second Workshop has handed over the bright answer.

Since 2018, the annual annual growth of the output value of the park has grown by 10,000 yuan. The output value of high-tech enterprises in the park reached 70%, and the company received 6 national, municipal scientific and technological progress prizes. Two of Shanghai "quality benchmark" enterprises, establish 10 Academician experts workstations. Next, Jinshan Second Workshop will actively create "City Green Factory", build "City Green Supply Chain", produce "city green products", and is expected to complete 20 billion yuan by 2025, and the total output value is turned over Dish, the total tax revenue is more than 7 billion yuan, the recycling or disk live land is not less than 1,700 mu, accelerate the high end of the industry, distinctive characteristics, safe environmental protection, green ecology, integration integration, and talent agglomeration.

Industrial clusters accelerate the construction of new industrial system engines, industrial acceleration. Since this year, our district has implemented a strategic positioning of "two districts, one fort", accelerating the "North-South Transformation" strategy requirements, and strive to start "Shanghai Bay Area" city brand, and go out of the road that meets the actual high-quality development of Jinshan.

At the "Shanghai Bay District Zhizhi Jinshan" Industry Resources Promotion Conference on September 17, Jinshan has launched 20 approximately 1359 mu of storage plots, 17,2730,000 square meters standard factory, and approximately 100,000 square meters. Commercial resources, attracting more investors to grab the development opportunity in the "Shanghai Bay Area" investment hot soil, and achieve cooperation and win-win. As early as the first two quarters, Jinshan has a living area of ??652 mu. As of the third quarter, the land of Jinshan Put is a total of 1,000 mu, using 50,000 square meters, and industrial investment of 7.5 billion, fully demonstrates "to turn the stock. Survivation volume, "faster and better" attitude to the acceleration, in order to start the "Shanghai Manufacturing" brand, build the global influence of Science and Technology Innovation Center to contribute to Jinshan’s wisdom and strength.

At the same time, Jinshan accelerates the construction of "1 + 4 + 4 + 4" new industrialized industrial system, and focus on promoting green development of chemical industry, speeding up new materials, intelligent equipment, life and health, information technology, etc., cultivating the growth of carbon fiber composites. Drone, biomedicine, new display, etc. specialty industries.

Among them, Shanghai and Hui Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. served as a high-tech enterprise focused on the R & D and production of China and Small Size Higher Analysis AMOLED Display.

In the Centralized work of the Jinshan District Industrial Project, the new year of Hui Guangtong opened a 6th generation AMOLD production line, total investment of 7.5 billion yuan, planned to produce smart wear, smart mobile phones, tablet / laptop, etc. AMOLD semiconductor Display panel products. In addition, Shanghai Future Island Semiconductor Technology Development Co., Ltd. is the park platform development company of future island (Jinshan) semiconductor industrial park, which will focus on the introduction of semiconductor production, packaging, supporting and other national industrial development directions. Create a semiconductor industrial park based on high-end semiconductor manufacturing, a new generation of information technology, and productive services. The first phase of the park has been successfully introduced to the joint test master project, the planned total investment is about 100 million yuan, and the new area is 113 acres.

After the project reached the project, the annual sales income is expected to have about 1 billion yuan.

The projects in this concentrated start include Dernemon Energy Saving Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Efficient Energy Saving Air Compressor Production Base Project, Linfu Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Park Construction Project, Shansi Intelligent Transfer Control and Logging System R & D and Production Project , Cao Rong Economic Development Co., Ltd. High-tech industrial park new project, etc., fully cultivate high-end technology to create a new economic growth. (Source: Jinshan News) (Editor: Mu Yifan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.

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