The movie "We are the First Secretary" released "Battle" version of the poster "

  From Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua Net, Beijing Wonderful, Beijing Renjie, Huatu Baina joint products, Renjie Director’s movie "We is the First Secretary" today released Heilongjiang article "Fighting" version of the story poster and special.

The film is the first time in the field of news materials to relying on the film to rely on the film. The "First Secretary" is taking the "First Secretary", which is the "Emotion Notepad" of the first secretary who struggle in the universal attack. The spiritual monument on the poverty battlefield is to pay tribute to all the "warriors" participating in the poverty attack. It is the first generation of the footsteps and spirit of the next generation, reflecting the mission, responsibility and responsibility of the main team.

The film is scheduled to be released nationwide from November 23. Typhoon hits "Heart cool to the bottom" movie "We are the first secretary" Heilongjiang article, the fourth resident of Xiqihar City, Qiquan County, Qiquan County, Qiquan County, Qiqi Village, the first secretary Wang Road, the first secretary of the village, led the villagers after the typhoon The story of food and granules.

  Located in the Xingxianling, the earth is rare, and the distance between the and the is particularly far, the base environment is more bad.

In the past five years, the four first secretary relay, let the refer to the face here: "Cement Road" from "Sunny Day, rainy day,", to the flat clean real cement road, from one room to a new home Where the "electric stick" is used to use the "electric rod" to have street lights … The infrastructure is built, the people are satisfied, the poverty alleviation cadres and the villagers are also connected.

  The whole village is working together, and the old days are also awesome. In the first half of the year, the wind is smooth, and the big harvest is in front of you.

However, the typhoon is coming … "Fighting for you" version, the opening is the electric flash thunder, the wind is raging, the local meteorological record has been first, the strong typhoon that has not been encountered in decades, "Iron room covered by" .

Typhoon stopped, "crops are all under the whole year, the county of the year is to be destroyed once, the villagers in Shangcheng Village are anxious and helpless," the heart is cold ". Visiting the second "Handshades", facing the crops that can not use large-scale mechanical harvesting, facing the full-time corn, facing the fullness of the villagers, how to do "With them a piece!" This is the choice of Wang Road.

The crop is poured, then a one is helping; it can’t be harvested with mechanical, then a hand is a hand, starting a family from poor households.

I don’t know how many waists bent, I don’t know how much sweat, I only know that "farmers are very emotional for the land, and the hard work is a year, and the food is not willing to waste in the ground." He understands this feeling, respects this kind of feelings, worked with the villagers, work together, and it is "掰 掰 丰". " "Battle" version of the "Battle", Wang Road Secretary burys the head to push the car, as if to push the heavy hope, "You open your arms, filter the wind to grain grain golden" is the villagers from the heart. Thank you.

On this wide-ranking land, the first secretary is courageous, and the village cadres, the villagers are interested, and they will draw their hopes with sweat and blood.

  The heart is together, "We are not afraid of" people in the sky. In the special, the Secretary Wang Road said: "Can support food, just support the confidence of the people." With such a belief, he used his feet in the cropping place to "rolling", Grain falls.

Because every drop is the hard-earned sweat of farmers, it is not easy.

He and the villagers have become the most moving picture on the land in the field. At the end, the golden corn was installed on the truck, loaded into the warehouse, the villagers laughed, happy.

  Secretary Wang Lu said that there is such a good policy, there is such a good people, there is no reason to do not reason.

  The people say that we are relieved in these cadres, and they are not afraid. We said that there are thousands of first secretaries, and the great cause of leaving the poverty can get victory.

  Today, the news and movies that record the poverty campaign will become a history of the great revival journey of the Chinese nation. This is the first secretary, and it is more important to defeat the fuel.

  On November 23, go to the cinema together! Watch this happening "Gaunching Battle" in Heilongjiang, see how the first secretary Wang Road will lead the whole village and time race, and the natural disaster! Further reading:.

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