Tianjin: Use a good job of employment channels

At the training base of Tianjin Aviation Machinery Co., Ltd., Tianjin Electronic Information Vocational College Student is operating CNC machine tools.

Wang Chunmei has taken place in recent years, and Tianjin will make employment experience as an important starter to promote employment, and constantly innovate, and expand the scope of trainees.

Tianjin has taken the lead in the general universities, secondary vocational schools, and technical school graduates in the country into the scope of the study, and raise the sexy biopsy to 1744 yuan per person, and the company directly hired after the study, give each person 3,000 yuan. One-time reward. In June this year, the cover from Gansu Pingliang officially entered the Communist Tianjin Tiandi Weiye Attribution Network Technology Co., Ltd. "When I came out from home, I thought I must be in the big city in Tianjin.

But for a while, I was confused.

Sometimes I want to start with my classmates, see what I want to do; sometimes I want to continue learning, I found that there is no suitable professional. "Cover Wen Jing said.

After entering the heavens and the earth, the cover is quietly understood: "Entrepreneurship is much more difficult than employment, I don’t even have a good job, and how do you start a business?" Tiandi Weiyai ??is an Internet of Things enterprises developed, produced and sold as a video surveillance product, with an annual industry income of over $ 500 million.

The size of the company has expanded, and the demand for high-quality workers is increasing.

"We value students’ labor skills.

The one-year past period can cultivate students’ truth and pragmatism, hardworking work attitude; at the same time, students can be familiar with enterprises, skilled skills, and they can become the backbone of the enterprise.

In addition, the staff of the school entry into the enterprise is a good seedling of our cultivation of managers. "Tianjin Tiandi Weiye Attribution Network Technology Co., Ltd. Human Resources Department staff said.

As a leading enterprise in my country, Tianjin Airlines Electromechanical Co., Ltd. also value the overall quality of workers. "Air security is not small.

Our products are multi-variety of small batch production, and the quality involves thousands of lives, and the most responsible for high-quality talents are most responsible. Within a year, we can cultivate talents with your heart. "Tianjin Aviation Mechanical Co., Ltd. Human Resources Minister Wang Chunmei said.

In the past three years, Tianjin Aviation Mechanical Co., Ltd. has received more than 140 students from the Sino-German Applied Technology University, Tianjin Vocational University and other high-vocational colleges, and 95% of the students after the past period. "All our employees have good growth space, skill experts, technical experts will be their development direction. We will also choose more graduates in business, let the ‘aviation craftsman’ shipping. "Wang Chunmei said.

According to statistics, Tianjin added 325 new employment trainee bases this year, with a total of 1531. At present, Tianjin this year’s trainee has reached 10,000 people, a year-on-year increase of more than 2 times.

At the same time, Tianjin has continuously aggravated the policy, issued "Some measures on further doing a new era of college graduates," proposing 45 targeted initiatives, expect employment subsidies to enterprises to enterprises this year. In the job position, Tianjin strives to provide more posts in college graduates.

Further increase the recruitment ratio of college graduates, and expand the "Western Plan" "Community Workers" and other recruitment of college graduates.

"In the 2021st leaving school, we have been transferred to the education department, and the community touch, graduates scanning code will be collected, collecting unemployed graduates, all incorporating the real-name management system, contacting the docking, Push job information.

"Yang Tianshun, Director of the Employment Department of the Tianjin Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau.

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