The Chinese Academy of Sciences has organized the "Trade Union into Wanjia" to visit condolence activities

In order to further exert the bridge linkage of the trade union, the party’s concern of the employee is implemented, according to the relevant requirements of the China National Federation of Trade Unions, the Central and State Administration Trade Union Federation, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has carried out the "union entry "Visiting the condolences. Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Direct Secretary Secretary Secretary, President Li and Windpapers, Chairman of the Institute of Universities, visiting the Academician of Ding Lin, the National May 1st Labor Medal, the National Advanced Worker Wang Zhenxi Academician, Ma Zhiming. Li and Feng detaractive understand their work life, and the prominent contributions to them have expressed their respect and sincere gratitude.

Academician said that thanks to the care and love of the union of the hospital, they will make a more model role in their positions, and strive to make greater contributions to scientific and technological innovation.

Liu Jinghong, deputy secretary of the party committee of the institution, the executive vice chairman of the Institute of Arts, and the responsible comrades of the relevant units participated in the visiting condolences.

Recently, all units of the hospital combined with the "I practical" practice activities of this unit "I am doing practical things for the masses", by the party committee secretary, the chairman of the union, take a variety of ways to travel, hosted, collectively, and collectively condolences to labor models at all levels Advanced workers in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as the national craftsman, Kaiyuan famous craftsman, skill master, epidemic prevention and control of the front line and difficult workers.

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