Shanghai issued an invitation to the world: Building a famous tourist city

Original title: Shanghai issued an invitation to the world: Joint the world famous tourist city comprehensive morning newspaper reporter Li Xiaoming, Xinhua News Agency reported that the first Shanghai Tourism Investment Promotion Conference held yesterday, two "100 billion" Shanghai "14th Five-Year" major tourism project started "2021 Shanghai Tourism Investment Recommendation Guide" officially released, online travel investment platform officially launched. Shanghai issued an invitation to the world: join hands with high-quality world famous tourist cities! In the first half of this year, Shanghai achieved a domestic tourism income of 17.24 billion yuan, an increase of 69% from 2020, and 78% of the same period in 2019, continued to show rapid recovery.

Combined with the data of the World Tourism City Federation, Shanghai Tourism has shown a stronger resuscitation and development toughness than other tourism cities around the world. Jinlei, deputy director of Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau, Shanghai is continuing to build an optimal investment environment. The first is to build Shanghai Tourism Investment Promotion Platform, including the annual Shanghai Tourism Investment Promotion Conference and focus on the promotion of major investment investment projects, and promote the precision of government, enterprises and capital.

At the same time, through the annual release of "Shanghai Tourism Investment Recommendation Guide" to build online tourism investment platform, online "double line" service tourism investment investment.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, 30 major tourism investment launched projects, with a total value of more than 113.2 billion yuan, covering Jinshan Binhai International Cultural Tourism Resort, Shanghai International Tourism Resort, Shanghai Le Gauli Park resort and other related projects.

Distributed in Jinshan District, Minhang District, Pudong New Area, Xuhui District, Songjiang District, Fengxian District, Hongkou District, Changning District, Huangpu District, Jing’an District, etc., project implementation subjects include foreign companies, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, etc. To do the "big cake" of the Shanghai Wenbao Market. In 2021, the Shanghai Tourism Investment Promoting Project has a total of more than 115 billion yuan, which is distributed in Jinshan District, Songjiang District, Jing’an District, Qingpu District, Fengxian District, Chongming District, Pudong New Area, and Project Categories. Country Park, Stylistic Commercial Complex, Complementation Resort, Ecological B & B, Performing Arts, etc., better meet the new needs of the people on a better life, good tourism. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Shanghai will vigorously implement the tourism "multiplication plan" and "peak project", based on the urban national tourism positioning, promote the "World Hall of the World", Suzhou River "City Cultural Life Leisure Belt", "Five A number of major tourism projects such as "Wenbao Function Engineering and Shanghai International Tourism Resort, Lushan National Tourism Resort, Binhai Tourism Area).

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