Rush hot search! Qian Xuesen gave the virtual reality to "Lingdou" 30 years ago.

People’s Network Beijing November 26th (Reporter Li Yihuan, Sun Jing) Recently, my country’s aerospace industry founded that people’s scientists Qian Xuesen took more than 30 years ago to "virtual reality technology", the netizens are hot, and they are evaluated by netizens "from" The romance of scientists. " The teacher of the Shanghai Jiaotong University Qian Xuesen Library told reporters that "Lingbield" is Qian Xi Sen’s translation of English "VirtualReality" (now generally translating as "virtual reality technology"), reflects the old man’s work of money.

According to reports, in the early 1990s, Qian Xuesen began to understand "VirtualReality" (virtual reality technology), it would like to apply it to the combination of human machine and the development of human brain, and gave it "spirit".

He believes that the emergence and development of spiritual technology will expand the perception of the human brain and the combination of human machine, which enters the combination of people into the era of depth combination. Qian Mi is dedicated to the scientific research first line, the busy work, and has left many thoughts on the standardization of scientific and technical nouns. Nouns such as "laser" "Air" "Aerospace" currently widely used are degraded by money.

He knows the naming requirements of Chinese and Western culture, Expo group, and the naming requirements of Chinese nouns. The reporter pays attention to the topic of Qian Dynasty to the virtual reality technology, and also triggered many netizens discussions on virtual world.

In this regard, the reporter interviewed Malitzhuang, deputy dean of Shanghai Jiaotong University. "Currently, virtual reality technology is very wide. Real estate, game industry, film and television entertainment, hotel management, telemedicine, banking system, automatic driving, etc., especially the health code and Internet finance under the current epidemic normalization, You need to use virtual reality technology. "Malizhi said. For the current "virtual reality", Malitzhuang said that virtual reality technology has indeed entered a new stage of development and has new development.

In recent years, the rapid development of science and technology makes the "experience" of the virtual world or in parallel worlds, and all kinds of derivatives are popular, and people have more expectations for the future value of virtual reality technology.

Malleyz specially talked about the attention of virtual reality technology, I hope not only to stay in the concept level, but should be in the principle of "people-oriented, serving people", let this technology integrate into life and promote economic development. And social progress.

In addition, virtual world is still very different from the real world. While opening an open attitude, it is also looking forward to more positive guidance and effective supervision, promoting the health and order development of technology applications.

Money Old Part Letters Manuscripts (Picture of Shanghai Jiaotong University Qian Xuesen Library).

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