The first class of the school Wuhan Media College created "campus fantasy night" to welcome new students

"?: Who is acting in the beginning of the ancient? Why didn’t you do it?" In 2000 years ago, Qu Yuan Wang gave a "day", leaving "the first first-class text" for the future "unprecedented .

Time and space transferred to 2021, Qu Zizhi’s thinking of "Tian", was interdeced by a group of college students with fantastic art. On the evening of October 12, the 2021 fantastic welcome party in Wuhan Communications is unveiled in the Phoenix Studio. The performance is in the Chinese space dream, and the art will repriminate, and Zhuangzi’s thoughts of the universe. The historical imprints such as the "Millennium Dreams, the Flying Dream, the Renaissance of the Millennium Dreams, the Treatment of the Revival" showed the thinking of contemporary college students on the Chinese national spirit. It is still unfixed fantasy night. This fantasy night is kicked off in the news broadcast of the successful launch of the No. 12 spacecraft, and also predicts the sky, the universe, nature, will be the keyword of this party.

In the scene of "Hundreds of Conversation of Hundreds of Conversions", Qu Yuan’s modern language once again "Day", he questioned why this world is born, how to identify light and darkness, why the world is so small "; and the stage On the other end, Zhuangzi and the corpse two thinkers also launched fierce academic arguments, published their opinions on the mystery of the universe.

In the depths of the thoughts, the thoughts have given all the audiences under the time, and they have also become the most applause.

The beautiful dance "Treaty of Millennium", please go to the stage on the stage of Dunhuang murals, with a migratory dance with the audience to recall the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty; the intelligent scene "Peach Blossom", let the audience first The actor’s recitation seems to have to see "Lin Yao water source, you have to be a mountain, there is a small mouth, as if there is a light", then the Tao Yuan, which is a Tao Yuan, who is in the "hidden poet" tells him. How to find a big beauty in the idyllic; like a dream "big fish", let the audience into the quiet underwater world, follow the dancing people’s dance feelings and nature harmony … this is 45 minutes of art through time and space Tour, let the audience have spent a fantasy night.

The performance of the performance, Professor Wang Yandong Wang Yandong, Wuhan Media College, survived, he had a feeling of enthusiasm of young students, praised students with the aesthetics of beauty, and the aesthetics of the United States. He cited the theme of the party "because of your existence, each brick Everyone has a show: "When we are young, often say ‘I am a revolutionary brick, where to move,’

"Solid the" China’s Chinese "performance, many spectators have stayed in the fantasy night atmosphere, in the venue for a long time. Their award, let the teacher responsible for the creation of this performance and the Mono March Extremely moved.

According to Hu Tong, the preparation time of this performance is very short, which is a great challenge for all honest people.

"On August 29, we have to do this performance. In September 10, many of our teachers returned to school, and October 12 will be officially performed. At that time, I really felt a bit like impossible tasks.

"But Well, Wuhan Media College has a group of" calling, coming to the battle ", the post-class master, very fast, the school broadcast hosts the College of Art, the Humanities and Arts College, the School of Design, etc. This time has completed the creation of this performance with the shortest time. "Did we have repeatedly modified, from the scene of the scene, the beauty of the scene, the style of the actor, all at a point detail. "Hu Tong said, the performance of the most popular programs" Hundreds of Conversation of the ancient and modern "," Crown "to play Qu Yuan’s actor’s head is actually used in the use of coffee cups." The form of this program borrowed from the audience very like. CCTV program "China", through modern people and the ancient people in two time-space dimensions, it is presented on the stage, and its creation is difficult, but it is good to recognize the audience. "On the spot, several dance programs were detonated in the audience. They were out of the hand of the school’s humanities and artistic college. According to the Director of the Dance Program of this Party, Gao Yangyuan, director of the Dance Teaching and Research, as a dance "Karai", the actors use the powerful body action to portray China’s strength, which not only mild the theme of this evening party, but also convey the "standing up, strong"; To the beautiful national dance "big fish", use the elements of the Yi people "three curves", reflecting the Chinese people like water generally tenacious national character.

The world is weaker to the water, and the strong people will win.

Teacher Gao Yang Wenyuan said that the Chinese appearance and supple, and it is really strong in mind.

In addition to the show, the most touching people in this venue is a special dance beauty design. In particular, the "residual wall" made from the paper around the stage, which passed the environmental concept of "turning waste into treasure".

These smart thinking from the Teacher Jia Ji Teacher Jia Ji and her team of Wuhan Media College Design College. Jia Ji said that in recent years, she has been committed to creative dance, deliberately finding "difficulties", which has made people shore. It is understood that Jia Ji team has previously been a performance with Alibaba, and has been highly recognized by the cooperative design with creative dance, which in turn will use this concept to 2021 martial arts fantasy to welcome the new party.

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