Shenzhen mortgage is loose, the lending cycle is shortened, the first set of household interest rates are still higher than the beginning of the year.

Reading: A banking industry disclosed that the mortgage interest rate in Shenzhen is now "accompanying the city" is a trend of industry, and Shenzhen’s mortgage interest rate is not high compared with other first-tier cities. The future relaxation is limited.The housing loan interest rate of the first set of houses in the "Northern" is now%,%,%, and%, respectively.Since October, the property market has spread well.Especially in mortgage loans, more than 10 cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Luoyang have downgraded in October; at the same time, some banks in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Changchun, etc. have accelerated before.Recently, the reporter visited some bank outlets in Shenzhen. Since November, most banks including the four major lines choose "according to the soldiers", the first home loan interest rate still implemented LPR + 45BP (equivalent), two housing loansThe LPR + 95BP (equivalent to%) is performed.

Although Shenzhen’s first home loan interest rate was lowered in October, it was still more than 15 basis points in January (%) in January this year. However, some bank loan quotas in Shenzhen have loose than before, and the loan cycle is significantly shortened.

A bank industry revealed to reporters that the current housing loan interest rate in Shenzhen is "accompanying the city" is a trend of industry, and Shenzhen’s mortgage interest rate is not high compared to other first-tier cities. The future relaxation is limited.

The amount is loose, and the deposit speed accelerates the reporter recently visited some bank outlets in Shenzhen. Although Shenzhen mortgage interest rate remained unchanged in October, the loan quota was loose than before, the lending cycle was shortened before. "There is currently not received by the minimal mortgage interest rate notice. At present, the implementation interest rates of the first home loan and the second set of mortgages are% and%. Relatively, the approval of the home loans of the home loans is not so strict, especially just need, as long as the water is just With no problem with the credit, it can be approved from January to February, and there is a big relationship with individual qualifications. "Shenzhen’s staff member said.

The staff also said that banks have good credit records, unrestricted customers, general lending faster. Specifically, the water is covered by the monthly supply. In addition, there is no credit issue.

"Of course, there is no exclude some customers submit information, there is an incomplete information and the status of qualification, and the audit time will naturally have." A credit person in Shenzhen also confirmed the above statement to the reporter. "Now the bank mortgage policy is relaxed, the approval cycle of the first home loan is a two-week, the lending cycle is about 1 month or so, from the process of handling the loan is generally within two months You can do it.

"It is not difficult to see that now the loan time has appeared obvious loose. In the past few months, it is imposed by factors in real estate loans to increase management and mortgage demand. Many cities have had a mortgage loan quota, and the lend cycle becomes long. The phenomenon.

In September, the reporter visited some banks in Shenzhen to learn that some banks suspend second-hand house loan business, and some banks said that they may take a long time from handling to loans. "Turn warm signal" began to appear in October. Shell Research Institute data shows that there are 20 cities in 90 cities in October, there is a phenomenon that the mortgage interest rate is lowered.

Among them, the first home loan interest rate of 14 cities was lowered, and the two-home loan interest rate of 14 cities decreased, of which the first home loan interest rate in October was lowered by 5 basis points in September.

In the future, is Shenzhen’s mortgage interest rate continues to loosen? The inside of the above-mentioned Futian District has revealed reporters that "the current funds have indeed improved, from some degree of good buyers. Whether Shenzhen mortgage interest rate will still be observed in the future, but individuals believe Even if the lower-conditioned space is limited, because Shenzhen’s mortgage interest rate is not high compared to other first-tier cities. "The reporter query information found that the housing loan interest rate of the first set of houses in the north is%,%,% and %; The two-housing loan interest rate is%,%,%, and%, respectively.

"There have been customers to get loans" for buyers, changes in mortgage interest rates and changes in financial credit data, from some extent, directly related to buyers’ "money bag".

From the latest housing loan data from the central bank, the increase in personal housing loans can be seen more intuitively. As of the end of October 2021, the balance of personal housing loans trillion, increased by 348.1 billion yuan, increased by 10.13 billion yuan in September.

"The most intuitive feelings brought by the bank’s lending cycle are that some potential customers who have previously reserves have recently signed, and there is already a bank loan, which is definitely good for our projects." Nanshan District, Shenzhen Real estate consultant of the property project told reporters. Since October, the supervision departments have frequently released the signal of "guaranteeing the needs of the group credit", which largely boosts the market confidence.

Many industry people believe that the growth of personal housing loan data reflects that mortgage loans are appearing in marginal relaxation, and the normal mortgage loan demand for residents is gradually satisfied. It is gradually improved by the real estate financial environment, and the reasonable demand for the first home buyers is gradually being met. "The current mortgage market pricing is the principle of ‘one city and one strategy’, the central bank branch will adjust the local mortgage in accordance with local real estate market operations and housing prices. It can be said that the change of mortgage policies, very To a large extent, it is associated with a change in housing prices in this city.

After the implementation of the second-hand housing guide price, the real estate market has a significant cooling, so loan quota and lending speeds are also expected. Li Yujia, the Chief Researcher of the Guangdong Provincial Housing Policy Research Center, told reporters that now many cities have a loan mortgage interest rate is an important "signal". It is expected that the city’s future credit will be appropriately increased, and will shorten the mortgage The cycle of the lender. "The first set of houses will not meet or have a long cycle, the interest rate climb, the second-hand housing, even the loan policy is not compliant with differentiated credit policies. Overall, the probability of continuous increase in interest rates is no bigger. "

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