Sun Lixin: There is a hero in his heart, and there is a bonfire.

Sun Lixin near Li Yue Daily reporter reporter Yu Guanyuan / Guangming picture entered September, Sun Li’s new relaxed a little.In the bright sunshine in Beijing, he welcomes me, it is another colorful world.

There are a lot of paintings, a lot of paintings in the room, and the pigment is placed in the palette.

"For painting ‘big painting’ specially changed here." He pointed to the high wall.In the first half of the year, it was a long period of time, and the oil painting of the party’s 100-year creation made him poured a lot of energy, and the work was collected by the Chinese Communist History Exhibition Hall and the Zhejiang Jiaxing Nanhu Revolution Memorial Hall."I am a soldier, and an old party member, I feel very proud of the establishment of the party’s 100-year creation." Sun Li Xin is tall, the body is quite, there is a spirit of the soldiers, the words, modest, and sincere.

The so-called "big painting", one is large, the second is big, both test skills, also tested. His oil painting "People’s public servant hole" is selected "Do not forget to continue to advance – celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party", painting high three meters, long seven meters, portrayed more than 20 people, very large At the same time, Kong Fansse is an important representative of the model communist and excellent leading cadres. In the hearts of the people, the components of the people are very heavy, they must draw the character’s style, let the work touching, hard. "Touch yourself first, then you can touch the audience." Kong Fansen is the hero in the hearts of the people, but Sun Lixin does not want to draw Kong Jingsen into a high hero, he wants to show that the forant can be close to the person, let the hero and people stand in Together. After a period of harvesting and conception, a typical image and scene gradually formed in the heart of the painter: in the holy snowy mountain, the dazzling sun, Kong Fanyun riding to the Tibet Ali area of ??the traffic inconvenience, with the Tibetan people. Snowfrango is born in Liaoning, Sun Li’s familiar, he loves snow, also likes to draw snow, "The Hometown Snow" series is exhibited in China Art Museum, the first painting of the Long March "" Snow Mountain "" Snow Mountain " It is "big painting" with snow mountains. "At the end of 2019, Beijing has a big snow, I quickly drive to a village in Beijing Mountain to write a living." Sun Li Xin said. "You have painted so many snow scenes, you have been driving, you will go to see the real scene?" When the reporter’s question, Sun Li Xin said: "For the familiar theme, I want to quickly draw it, it is very easy, and the outside party may It also can’t see the difference, but the spiritual feelings of the soul are swaying in the pen, the kind of intensity released, is expressing the breath on the screen. Therefore, we must draw a snow scene, just feel the bottom of the foot. Stepping on the snow.

"Creating a huge human work, must have awareness of building a big work, but also controlling the overall ability, otherwise it will be scattered.

Sun Lixin once sent a lot to the Tibetan area, especially like to observe the traces of shadow movement on the ground, according to this impression, in this impression, in the "people’s public servant hole", put the group in the shadow of the cloud under the cloud Avoid excessive detail depictions. In the middle, a typical image is selected. A Tibetan grandmother is in the distance, and Kong Fusi Sen is bent over to help the old man, forming a visual movement. Far mountains are vast, close to the human plots, and the whole painting seems to tell the story that never far away. In 1972, the 17-year-old Sun Lixin entered the General Assembrance of the People’s People’s Republic of China and learned to play Pan, eight years later to Bayi Movie Production Factory as a movie artist, and then took the PLA Art Institute and the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Gaoquan, Director of the Original Creation Office of the Military Museum, "It seems that in the seven-color color gamut of the red orange yellow green, you can hear the pleasant scale." Another "high-head" "Hundred Regiments", Sun Li’s new painted for half a year. That time, he got up every morning, I went to the food in the restaurant, and continued to drill into the studio. I went home until ten o’clock in the evening. I went to the stairs. Details.

In fact, military and war theme paintings are Sun Li Xin’s old line. For more than forty years, he draws a large battle and revolutionary person such as "Yang Jingyu", "Yang Jingyu", "Yang Jingyu", "Yang Jingyu". "The" Hundred Regiments "scene is even more great, and the depth is more open. It is necessary to show different battle scenes in a coherent picture.

Unlike common charges, victory, high-spirits, he chose the melee war as a picture center, the soldiers are fighting hard to fight with the enemy, solidification into the tragic scene of bleeding and fire.

On the layout, he divided the picture into prospects, medium scenery, vision, and accumulated a few sets of fire and smoke, so that the gas veins were constantly. This work continued his tough, affirmative, clear oil painting language style, and the picture is sneaked in the intersection of heroism, revealing the infectivity of heroism.

The sketch runs through Sun Li Xin’s entire painting life. His military is also traveling, over the years, in a large-scale theme creation, landscape oil painting is another pursuit of his respect.

Sun Lixin’s mentor, Mr. Zhu Naizheng, professor, the Central Academy of Fine Arts, came to comment: "As a soldier, the new year is long-term experience in military career, develops a persevering spirit, do not work hard, do not count on the heat, walk through the Wanli Road, walk through the south of the north.

"There is a" Taihang Morning Daw "that has just been created in the studio, and the Taihang Mountain is booming, the mountain Lin Quan is flowing, lush, a quiet scene. Another" Yellow River flows from the bones ", the loess of thousands of gully In the middle of the plateau, a pulsation of the Yellow River water slowly flowed.

The wall also hangs a few of the scholars, all of him from the field, the wilderness of the mountains, maybe it is even, maybe there is a pen.

"In the journey, he is not just a sense of interest, or a realm of life.

"The Chairman of the Chinese Artists Association Van Dian is so evaluated.

One side is the solemnity of the soldiers, the masculine is hard, and the artist’s keen feelings, poetic style, two different qualities are intertwined on Sun Likin, a grand vast character and human integrity color also penetrates in his oil painting.

On the "climbing road" of art, Sun Li Xin is still constantly climbing. (Editor: Wang Zhen, Endian Pack) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

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