Baoding Xuhui District: Scholars’ craftsmanship certificate rural women’s stable employment

People’s Daily News November 4th, in October this year, Liu Xuefang, a nursery group of Xushi Village, Xuhui District, Baoding City, was held for one year in the employer. The professional, responsible for the majors of the sister, and the employer of the beginning of the mother is looking forward to the agreement.

In the past two years, the whole district like Liu Xuefang, through systematic training, mastery of professional skills, women in the city and local housekeeping, dining, logistics, etc. have been more than 1,000. They work fast, people are practical, and the monthly salary is less than three or four thousand yuan, high for seven or eight thousand yuan.

According to Ding Guizhi, Chairman of the Women’s Federation of Women’s Federation in Baoding City, urban parenting, pension, and social service demand continues to increase, need more professional workers with higher quality. Rural As Land Scale Operations and Agricultural Machinery Popularization, Fujian Labor is facing transformation. Middle-aged women are narrower due to skills, age factors, and the low work path is large. Need to organize professional training, let the broad masses of women have long, with employment "pass".

Since last year, the district has rely on professional training institutions, concentrated and dispersed, and the line is combined with the line, and the classroom opens to the door of the people and fingers. Saunched Chinese face, baby, pension, beauty salon, e-commerce, behavioral etiquette, etc. District Women’s Federations also organized various competitions, giving exhibition exchange platforms, enhancing women’s labor skills and overall quality. Liu Xuefang, 44, diligently studied, after the addition of the baby, and took the moon, the face teacher, the family membership certificate. In March of this year, he was awarded the title of "Zhili Fu" by Baoding Women’s Federation.

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