Chifeng City fully built "Skill Chifeng" project

  In 2021, Chifeng City launched one of the key tasks in Chifeng City, issued the "2021 Skills Team Construction Work Plan in Chifeng", implementing the "Talents Strong City" strategy, and creates "Skill Chifeng" project.

  Continue to promote vocational skills improvement, vigorously carry out various types of subsidies vocational skills training.

As of the end of June, 15,843 employee priorities training were carried out. Continue to fully promote the development of independent evaluation and social training evaluation work in an enterprise employee skill level.

Comprehensively carry out the student skill level evaluation of the technical institutions, smooth secondary vocational students, technical students to study advanced workshops, prepared technician class; actively carry out the collection assessment of social training evaluation agencies, registered filings, solve skills training and laborers skills evaluation Demand; promoting enterprises to establish production technology workers "training, evaluation, use, and incentive" growth system, establish growth channels for excellent skill talents.

  Standardize the teaching mode of the technical education, and promote the school enterprises.

The 11 technical institutions in the city have developed an enrollment plan, senior work, and prepared technician classes in the city. The technical institutions took the initiative to undertake social training. At present, there are currently 7 technical institutions and 17 enterprises to carry out apprentices and enterprise employee skills training, and the skills of skills have been further enhanced.

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