Beijing Changping: Thousands of volunteers provide security services for residents

People’s Network Beijing November 3 "Express has received, thank each staff member." "" "Fruit milk, vegetables, etc." … Since October 22, the information thanks to the north of Changping District In the seven town of Hongfuyuan community owners, short text expressing the voice of residents and gratitude to the staff’s hard work.

"Hello, this is the owner of the 85th floor, trouble you." "I give some daily necessities for the elderly, can you help me transfer?" "This is the vegetable booked by the owner of the community." I got it.

"Express, take-away and other delivery staff continue to arrive, they labeled the goods in the package to the special shelves in the package. Guo Pengfei, standing in front of the Hongfuyuan community, I can’t remember this morning. How many materials have been transferred from him, and after verifying the information, he transports the bag of materials to the volunteers in the community. From the door of the community, the small truck is neatly placed on the materials, takeaway and other items of the residents. Volunteers wearing protective clothing a car to the residential building. Guo Pengfei’s main task is to assist the community to do a good job in the transfer of materials. He said that "the supply of goods can be basically met, as long as someone sent it soon can send it. . "Hongfuyuan community is located in Northern Seven Town, Changping District, a total of 117 buildings. There are currently more than 20,000 residents in home isolation. Community entrances and exits have been closed, only two mainmenters in North and South as storage points, guarantee takeaway, express and Epidemic prevention materials are transported.

Wang Fei is the resident of Hongfuyuan Community. After the community implements a sealing management, he actively stood up and became the volunteers of the community and distributed materials for residents.

"There are probably seven or eight times in the morning, most of them are mineral water and fresh vegetable fruit, and the materials are significantly less than the first few days.

Tired is tired, but it doesn’t matter, as long as everyone is healthy, we are comfortable.

"In the conversation with the volunteers, several conspicuous QR code and buy dishes on the door at the door are attracted to the reporter’s attention. It is understood that the QR code and purchase calls in the same day can play a big role. "We provide a variety of services to each building, each unit residents have established different WeChat groups. After the residents enter the group chat, there is a need to inform us directly in the group.

"Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the North Seven Town, the descendants of Joe Kun.

At the same time, in order to facilitate the purchase of residents and the market distribution, the North Seven Town Government launched the order procurement model with the help of the North Seven Olympic Market, providing the residents to buy vegetables and material transport services, and specially designed 60 yuan. 80 yuan, 100 yuan 3 packages for residents. According to the reporter, the vegetables in the package are relatively resistant to storage, transportation and anti-freeze varieties, such as 60 yuan package, including all 10 pounds of cabbage, eggplant, potatoes, etc., and send according to the previous statistics information The goods on the door are basically able to meet the daily needs of residents.

It is understood that several thousand volunteers have provided security services for residents since the prevention management of Hong Fuyuan community community. At the same time, the North Seven Town Government is jointly near the convenience complex to open a line of life materials to purchase online service lines, providing purchasing delivery services for sealing personnel.

"Although I can’t go out, there are so many people who have rushed to us every day, take care of our lives, thank you many people, we will definitely join hands.

"The dynamics of the community residents WeChat group, full screen is grateful," I have been worried about me, I have to reserve materials, what should I do if I have a reserve material? I haven’t thought that the staff actually give us fruit, milk, eggs, vegetables, I want to eat takeaway, they also help us send, it is too unexpected! "As long as the residents have a demand, we basically meet, the residents are also very cooperative, understand our work, everyone is now mutually encouragement, we are very confident that they can pass this difficult relationship.

Li Yan, Director of the Party Group Office of Hongfu Group, said, "We received a lot of strangers, let us pay attention to the body, pay attention to protection, everyone has not fed, because the entire community and our volunteers are like a family, use Countless little love brings together big love.

"(Wang Si) (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

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