At first seeing, Guangdong visited two ancient neighborhoods, what is it deep?

"Let the city leave memories, let people remember the hometown." General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the cultural heritage protection work, "he once pointed out that" a historical remains of a city, cultural monuments, human heritage, is part of urban life. "

"More than 30 years ago, the gossip building of the Gulangyu" landmark "architecture, the roof mildew spots, the building is crushing, and the Standing Committee of the Xiamen Municipal Committee, the Standing Vice Mayor Xi Jinping learned, immediately decided to allocate 300,000 Yuan, reversed a fate of a hundred years of architecture. "The culture of culture is destroyed, and the city has been new and new, and it is also lacking vitality.

"The General Secretary Mark is heavy," historical culture is the soul of the city, and it is necessary to protect the historical and cultural heritage of the city like a life. "" Micro-transformation "" Embroidery ", reflects the care and cherishment of historical heritage.

In October 2018, he pointed out in the Guangdong inspection, "urban planning and construction should attach great importance to historical and cultural protection.

Don’t have a good time, no big demolition.

It is necessary to highlight the local characteristics, pay attention to the improvement of human living environment, more using micro-transformation of this ’embroidered’ Kung Fu, pay attention to civilized inheritance, culture continuation.

"" Hello "Hometown" Shantou is one of the earliest ports in China, and is also one of the earliest establishments after my country’s reform and opening up.

Since the opening of 1860, we have witnessed the history of humiliating with the strengthening aggression, and we also witnessed the development history of my country’s reform and opening up.

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