Continue running after diagnosis! There are many cases of medical exposure of the National Taiwan University: No wonder the peak of the epidemic cannot be reduced

The local epidemic in Taiwan continued to spread. Shi Jingzhong, an obstetrician and gynecologist at the National Taiwan University Hospital, said that some patients went to the clinic to receive the medicine. In the next second, the health insurance card showed that the person had just been diagnosed, and then the other party would hurriedly said that he was unclear, and then continued to walk on the road on the road. Walking and spreading the virus to more people, and such an incredible situation, many of his physicians and friends have shared it, and it is no wonder that the epidemic peak will not be reduced. Shi Jingzhong posted on the social platform yesterday that most of the diagnosis is mild now, but for the elderly or young children, it may not be the case. Patients, he was afraid of transmitting the virus to his family, so he had been eating, drinking and sleeping for more than 60 days.

Shi Jingzhong pointed out that since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, he will still hear some incredible things. Friends have recently treated a patient with a sore throat and asked if the other party had a fast screen. I don’t know if I can rub the medicine.

When I heard this, my friend thought that the patient had done a local treatment for her too fast. After the treatment, the patient wanted to ask for the fast screen of public expenses, and then slowly said that the previous fast screen result was positive Fast screening back to the re -inspection. Shi Jing revealed that there were very typical diagnosis patients, with symptoms of fever, nose, and sore throat, but when they arrived at the clinic, they insisted on unhappy sieves and just wanted to receive medicine away.

After a few days, I came back and said that I had to take the same medicine. As soon as the card was inserted, the health insurance card immediately jumped out of this person to confirm the diagnosis, but the patient said that he was not clear and walked around on the road to spread the virus to more. people. Shi Jingzhong said that there are many examples of such examples, and some physicians and friends say almost every day, and it is no wonder that the peak of the epidemic has fallen. Shi Jingzhong even more bluntly that he would be infected sooner or later, so he had prepared a place for self -isolation in advance, and the daily necessities used in the conference, because this can not only protect the family, but also contribute to the blocking chain. Article Source: Zhongshi News Network Editor: Zuo Qiuzi.

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