Reading is everywhere in Beijing’s "16+1" district high -quality activities

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, April 24th (Reporter Bao Congying) On April 23, on the occasion of World Reading Day, the first National Reading Conference · Beijing Reading Season showed the main stage of the main stage of the Demonstration of the Demonstration of Zhongguancun State National Innovation Demonstration Zone. On the day of the launching ceremony, in the form of "main venue+branch venue", Shuxiang China · Beijing Reading Jiun Dunior Beijing 16+1 district, through a boutique event in each district, created a strong atmosphere of "reading everywhere".

Dongcheng District held the theme event of "World Reading Day" and the new book conference of the "Forbidden City and Cultural Heritage". Share their thoughts and perceptions as guardians of cultural heritage and book creators.

Xicheng District held the "Begonia Blossoms to the Future -2022 Begonia Poetry and Song Qingling’s Former Residence Begonia Culture Festival", and the event focused on the three chapters of the "Winter Olympics", "Silk Road Flower Language" and "Together to the Future".

The well -known studio and host are mainly poetic recitation, combined with various art forms, to promote the excellent traditional culture of China, and sing the praise of spring. Chaoyang District held the fourth season of "Yue Reading · Reading Lian" -The Lianhe Cultural Entering Organ and Family Activities in Chaoyang District, and guided party members and cadres and family members of the district to promote integrity and integrity through online reading and punch cards. , Create a learning institution, promote the construction of integrity culture, and demonstrate the construction of the "city of reading" in Chaoyang District. Haidian District held a series of lectures on the "Haitu Forum". In response to the needs of different readers, carry out public welfare lectures on themes of culture, art, science popularization, health, and non -heritage. Focus on offline lectures, at the same time, you can publish resources online to expand the scope of the audience; focus on lectures in the library, attract more people into the library, love library, and accept the application of social units, walk into the street community , School, Enterprise and other places hold lectures. Fengtai District organized the "Luxou Bridge Shine Xiang Piao" national reading activities. The event organized the library of residents, public reading rooms, and borrowing rooms to conduct collective reading, reading review competitions, and knowledge competitions. Shijingshan District held the 17th "Reading Time" Reading Carnival. This activity is one of the series of special activities of the Lifetime Learning Week of Shijingshan District. It is an important carrier for implementing the concept of lifelong learning, creating a scent of books, and creating the atmosphere of the reading learning atmosphere. It has been held for sixteen sessions.

Among them, there are many advanced models and outstanding deeds such as reading stars, Shuxiang families, and learning communities. Mentougou District held the "Ancient Road Poetry Rhyme" immersive theme activity.

Combining the entire people’s reading activities with the development and activation of the cultural resources of Beijing West Ancient Road, combined with the construction of physical bookstores.

Relying on the golden business card of "Hometown of Double Poems", the "Ancient Poetry Rhyme" immersive experience poetry conference will be carried out, and the 2022 National Reading Series will be launched.

The Poetry Association invites the famous poet Xie Mian and other, the famous calligrapher Fang Fang, etc., recites the family Zhai Xianhe, etc., the Internet big V and local poetry enthusiasts, with the theme of Yongdinghe culture, the ancient road of Jingxi , Use the full -media matrix to do a good job of propaganda in all directions, and start the brand of "the hometown of double poetry".

Fangshan District held the "Reading Beijing Reading China to the Future" 2022 Fangshan District "Shuxiang China · Beijing Reading Season" National Reading Activity and Mass Poetry Recitation. The recitation conference is divided into three chapters: "Reading Poetry · Lingxiu", "Reading History, Wisdom", "Reading · Pin Fangshan", and the actors on the stage and more than 20 audiences on the stage have completed the performance. Tongzhou District takes the various reading space represented by physical bookstores as a position, and achieves the goal of "space integration, readers’ collection, and activity sharing" through the method of "exchanges and cooperation" and "reading leadership", and further create a "somedical sideline center center". Promoting the new fashion of the whole society to form love, reading good books, and good reading not only allows the people in the region to share the results of the sub -center more, but also the construction of this city. support.

Shunyi District held the launching ceremony of the National Reading in 2022 and the "Renhe Cup" Chinese ancient poetry chanting competition.

A total of 288 works were received in this competition, and 28 of them were selected through offline judges.

The shortlisted works will take the comprehensive score of offline judges and online voting. In the end, 2 first prizes, 4 second prizes, 6 third prizes, and 3 most popular awards. Daxing District held a "Book Fragrant Daxing" in 2022.

The organizer played the leading role of Daxing District in improving the cultural literacy of the masses, creating a good atmosphere of cultural districts, and promoting the main melody and spreading positive energy in Daxing District. Changping District held a classic common reading activity for 21 days.

Select a number of classic literary works at home and abroad, calling on readers to participate in common reading during the celebration of World Book Day. While leading the participants to experience the spiritual touch brought by the classics, it also provides everyone with a platform for sharing and communication , Let the enlightenment of the classics and the moving power flow in the hearts of the participants.

Pinggu District organizes the "Labor Creation of Happiness" to create a city reading activity. The content of the activity includes watching red education promotional videos, sharing reading experience, and giving books to employees. The theme of Huairou District is based on the theme of "A Hundred Years of Welcome to the 20th National Congress". Miyun District and Yushu City connected to the live broadcast method of "Children’s Heart to the Party · Reading" cloud reading activities. In 2021, Mi Yun District proposed the creation of a national civilized city, and carried out a co -construction event with Yushu City, showing the deep emotions of the dense jade hands holding hands. At the same time, this activity combines the current epidemic prevention and control situation. In order to expand new ways to read the whole people, we adopt a combination of online and offline. The number of people has been widely supported by netizens to create a good atmosphere of reading for the whole people.

Yanqing District held 4.23 World Reading Day and "Shuxiang Yanqing · Reading Future" in 2022 Yanqing District ’s reading activity launching ceremony.

In 2022, 11 key reading activities will be carried out during the National Reading Campaign of Yanqing District, covering 18 streets.

At the same time, in order to benefit the public in the "post -Winter Olympics era", the Shuxiang Market Collection of Winter Olympic City Cultural Plaza in Yanqing District was held and various special activities were held. The Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone held the launching ceremony of the 2022 "Book Fragrance Yicheng" theme event.

活动邀请经开区企业代表、社区代表、园区代表、学校代表、作家代表到场,以独特新颖的形式展示2022年书香亦城工作重点、亮点,突出科技阅读的特色,突出企业、园区、社区、 The characteristics of the school linkage will start the whole year’s reading work.

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