4091 fishing boats will enter the Fuxu Reta on May 1st

Fenghua fishing boat returned to Hong Kong in advance. (Photo by Yu Jianwen Zeng Gang) From 12:00 on May 1st, the East China Sea "sealed the sea". In addition to other types of fishing vessels and fishing auxiliary vessels in our city, a total of 4091 fishing vessels entered the marine voltage season fishing period. Among them, there are 3841 fishing vessels in Xiangshan, Fenghua, and Ninghai, and 250 ships (counties, cities) in each district (county, city) have increased slightly compared with previous years. The longest fishing rest time is 4 and a half months. From May 8th to August 1st, the city will prohibit the sale of eight kinds of ocean fishing ice with fish, big yellow croakers, small yellow croaker, silver crickets, catfish, triple warts, taps, shrimp, and other eight marine fishing (except for fishing. External) and live aquatic products (including temporary cultivation) and other fishing objects of illegal illegal illegal fishing. According to the relevant person in charge of the Fishery Administration Law Enforcement Department of the Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau, compared with previous years, this year’s Fuxing Fishing Reserve has added the content of the mackerel reserves, and the fishery law enforcement efforts have been further increased.

From March 1st to July 31st, all fishing production is prohibited within the scope of the Xiangshan Port Malaccon Genre Resource Reserve. After the start of the full residence, our city will continue to keep an eye on the three major areas of the sea, ports, and markets, strictly fight and steal the arrest, strictly control the fishing vessels, and strictly investigate the incubation of violations.

  It is reported that since this year, fishery law enforcement agencies at all levels in our city have collaborated on multi -party forces to jointly promote the "spring thunder operation" of fishery safety production, the mackerel protection zone ban, and the Yongjiang water system forbidden fishing. Methods such as maritime patrols and land supervisors "and other methods were carried out to carry out high -frequency and joint enforcement inspections.

  As of the day before yesterday, the city conducted a total of 1668 inspections, dispatched 10201 law enforcement officers, 1105 law enforcement boats, accumulated 3106 fishing boats, ordered 1190 hidden dangers on the spot, ordered 317 hidden dangers to rectify hidden dangers within a time limit. ; Investigating 443 administrative penalties, more than 2.34 million yuan in fines; 7 administrative detention cases, 9 personnel involved; 120 ships involved in fishing three.

The frequency of law enforcement and penalties have been greatly improved compared to previous years. (Reporter Yu Jianwen Correspondent Zeng Gang Gang Bao Minghao) Editor in charge: Zhang Ling.

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