China Nineteenth Metallurgy Carrypted the "March 8th" Women’s Day series activities

  News from this website (correspondent Gu Shuai) from March 1st to 8th, China ’s Nineteenth Metalluron actively launched a series of“ March 8 ”Women’ s Day activities to send festival blessings to the majority of female employees. During the period, the various units carefully planned for female employees with various forms and rich contents, so that female employees can soothe their moods, rejuvenate their spirits in various activities, and show their different styles of women in the new era: headquarters and Companies such as municipal transportation, Shandong and other companies have conducted health knowledge lectures on women’s occupational health, emotional management, and workplace pressure adjustment, and answered questions for female employees at the scene; urban construction, international, materials, Chongqing, Shenzhen and other companies , Prepare DIY handmade activities such as bracelets to cultivate artistic sentiments and show the ingenious side of female employees; (assets) operations, Yunnan, Sichuan, Nanjing, Zhejiang, Hubei and other companies organized the development of spring tour, outdoor expansion, fun games, etc. Activity, stretch your body and active. In addition, construction engineering companies, industrial construction companies, Yunnan company and technicians colleges also celebrate the "March 8th" Women’s Day through volunteering trees, visiting exhibition halls, reading and exchanges, and dumplings. During the event, the female employees were enthusiastically devoted and fascinated, leaving a bunch of laughter.

The successful development of the event fully expressed the care and care of the majority of female employees, boosted the spiritual style and working status of female employees, strengthened the emotional exchanges between female employees, and further condensed the power of promoting the high -quality development of the enterprise.

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