Huanggang, Hubei: 400 million yuan precision drip irrigation market subject

Reward subsidies, credit support, rents and exemptions, extension of payment … On May 27, Huanggang City, Hubei Province released eight supporting policy documents to help the market entity with severe epidemics through the difficulty.

For business and accommodation catering companies, Huanggang established 10 million yuan of bailout funds. A total of all costs are avoided in accordance with the prescribed nucleic acid testing, and the cost of epidemic prevention costs, garbage disposal costs and employee health certificates will be subsidized.

Enterprises in business difficulties can also apply for slowing water and gas costs. Huanggang gives a one -time epidemic prevention and disinfecting subsidy of 50,000 yuan for eligible transport and logistics companies, passenger stations, and urban buses, and taxi companies in the city. Gives a 40 -yuan epidemic prevention and control subsidy for taxi in urban areas.

Encourage insurance companies and oil sales enterprises to reduce vehicle insurance premiums through negotiations, and give operating vehicle oil consumption group discounts.

Huanggang implemented a full temporary retirement or slow payment of the travel agency’s quality margin. According to the number of passengers and the time for staying, the travel agency will be given to the "attracting passengers into the yellow" award, and a hotel with a certain scale will be rewarded to the tourists’ check -in. Give subsidies and support A -level scenic spots to join the annual travel of tourism. According to the person in charge of Huanggang City’s "Thousands of People into Thousands of Enterprises", the city’s expected expected expenditure of 400 million yuan of bailout funds will be established to ensure accurate drip irrigation. (Liu Yi Xu Zhi Zeng Tao) (Responsible editor: Zhou Qianwen, Zhang Yan) Share more people to see the client download.

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