Seize a golden opportunity to boost the development of Chinese medicine to provide more high quality and efficient health services for the people

  Beijing, May 17 (Reporter Wang than learning) CPC Central Committee, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee Wang Chen in Beijing to attend the 17th NPC Standing Committee law enforcement inspection group of TCM second plenary meeting.

He stressed the need to adhere to the new era of socialist ideology Xi Jinping Chinese characteristics as a guide, to seize the golden opportunity to boost the development of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine to promote the heritage of innovation and development in accordance with law, the treasure of Chinese civilization, the Chinese medicine continues to display a new luster, and strive for the people the masses to provide more quality and efficient health services.

  Wang pointed out that since the party’s 18, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Chinese medicine tradition, innovation, development make a series of important instructions instructions.

During recent days, General Secretary Xi Jinping visit in Henan, dedicated to commemorate the Eastern Han physician Zhongjing medical shrines and other places to study, to understand the development of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine for the further development of proposed new specific demands. We should thoroughly study and understand and resolutely implement and promote the pharmaceutical industry and industrial development of high-quality, unique advantage in healthy Chinese construction. Wang stressed that more than three years, all departments and actively explore the practice of traditional Chinese medicine to achieve positive development effectiveness, but there are some shortcomings in the implementation of weaknesses Medicine Act.

The existing problems, to effectively enhance the sense of the rule of law development in the pharmaceutical industry, adhere to Chinese and Western medicine both, scientific review and assessment of the effect of Chinese medicine in the treatment of the new crown pneumonia, focusing on interpretation of Chinese medicine principles of modern science, improve service delivery quality of Chinese medicine, efficiency and level.

  The meeting discussed the study of TCM law enforcement inspection report is issued. NPC Vice Chairman Zhang Chunxian, * according to Ming Bahai Eric more, Padma Choling, Cai Dafeng attended the meeting, the State Council, relevant departments and law enforcement inspection team members submitted opinions and suggestions.