Art stars open | Shen Teng: inherited, like a relay match

On September 28th, "I and my father" master, the people of the people "Art Star open, red screening room", chat with the creative card. The "Youth Row" unit dominated by Shen Teng and starring a special parent-child relationship with the perspective of "robot Dad". From 2050, Shen Teng returned to 2021, with the income of the income and the temporary small group. In addition to the special "crossing", Shen Teng’s play is robot, which is a new challenge for him.

"Many times I am particularly unconfident, many times I am playing, I feel my own ‘like a personal’. Because the robot should not have too many feelings, so I am going to play when I active, basically There is no expression. "It is worth mentioning that" Youth Row "is a director of Shen Teng’s" virgin ".

During the directions, Shen Teng felt some "separation", "the legs are very diligent. People will have to run to the monitor for a while.

"Interview site, he also broughtly thanked the friends who participated in the performance," they didn’t walk after the play, left to help me at the monitor. "However, this also exchanged a lot of" ridicule ".

Shen Teng’s fun, "When I first played the robot, I didn’t play well. I heard the monitor on the side of the monitor ‘mock the’. But from that kind of ‘ridicule’, I slowly found the robot. How to play can make the audience more comfortable.

"In the process of movies, small and" temporary Dad ", the concept of technological innovation is also rooted in his heart.

"I understand the inheritance, just like a 4 × 100 m relay game." Shen Teng said, "Our parents run out their stage, we must take the results of their efforts to continue running forward, then let us The next generation has taken this great, complete the dreams that have not been completed. "(Editor: Wang Zhen, Gao Lei) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.