Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty Eight Monkey King’s Demon
Chat group hall,Nezha glanced at Monkey King, who seemed to have not changed much from usual,It may also be that he is too weak now,Not aware of the changes in Monkey King,Curiously asked。
“Ye Shu Dao,What is the heart devil?I think the Monkey King group members are very decisive and decisive.,Should not be disturbed by any illusion。”
“Heart evil,Usually the most feared past in the souls,It may be a crisis of life and death,Maybe a creature,Or that I have done one thing I regret most。”
“The creatures who are often saving their hearts,Won’t you realize that you are saving your heart,I will only experience that unbearable scene again and again,And was taken advantage of by the demons。”
After Ye Shu heard Nezha’s question,,Said quietly,If he hadn’t cut off all his concerns,I’m afraid he really couldn’t survive that time of heart evil,but,As long as you have passed the heart devil,Cultivation can go further。
If the Monkey King group members are conscious,,After knowing the benefits of Heart Demon Tribulation,Most of the time, he will try again,Unfortunately,Heart Demon Tribulation is Unpredictable,Maybe you will encounter the evil spirits in your stable practice。
“The most feared existence?The most feared existence of Monkey King group members must be the leader of the group,Because when the Monkey King group members first joined the group,,Relatively unscrupulous,Then I was severely taught once,Since,The Monkey King group members really reformed。”
Nezha said with an unkind smile,That scene almost scared him to tears,Mainly that Wan Jianyi is indeed cruel,Memorize a word,Is a sword,And there are so many healing medicines beside,It really makes him remember。
“The Monkey King group members were really sharp,Do not know how to converge,How dare to provoke the host,If it wasn’t for the host, you didn’t care too much,Just a little punishment,I am afraid that the world where the Monkey King group members are will be destroyed by the master of the group.。”
Ying Zheng also recalled how Sun Wukong first joined the group,Really arrogant,Unfortunately,Encountered such a supreme existence as the lord of the group,Sun Wukong is unlucky,He remembers when he watched the live broadcast with a smile。
“Provoke the host?”
Zhang Chulan heard Nezha group members talk about the Sun Wukong group members when they first joined the group,Curious whispers,Although he has not seen the host of the group online,but,Every time he just scans the shadow-shrouded figure on the main seat of the chat group hall,You can feel the whole body is shaking。
It feels like facing death,Let Zhang Chulan not dare to look around in the chat group hall on weekdays,Just a figure,So powerful,How terrifying is the true strength of the lord of the group?
Zhang Chulan is really unimaginable,How arrogant the Monkey King group members who had just joined the group at the beginning,Dare to provoke the host?This is simply moths fighting the fire,Self-destruction。
“Shouldn’t be the host,Because the heart demon doesn’t have the ability to transform into the master of the group,after all,I heard Jingtian mentioned it once before,The master of the group is unfathomable。”
“Even the entire world,As long as a creature mentions the real name of the leader,Will be perceived by the host,correct,Sedum group members also said that Lord Lord of the group gave you the ability to call Lord Lord’s real name.。”

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