“If you go your own way,Must be short Merck Group,You will die miserably!”

“Haha,Mr. Abu,If i guess right,The big consortium you mentioned should be the Russian financial oligarch,And their agent,Is it Mr. Rubin from Damo??”Qiao Tianyu smiled。
“Yes!Mr. Rubin!”Abraxi seems to have found a big backing,I’m hard to speak。
“Young man,you need to know,Mr. Rubin is hailed as the wolf of Wall Street,President of Damo’s Investment Management Department,Investment and profitability crowned Wall Street for seven consecutive years,You’re good,Is definitely not Mr. Rubin’s opponent!”
“Oh oh,is it?”Qiao Tianyu still has a confident smile on his face。
“It seems that your investigation of me is not enough,You can inquire,Jonathan Copper’s share price defense war and the peso war,Rubin is just my assistant,Do you think he is my opponent?”
“Qiao Tianyu,Your tone is too big, right?”
Abrahi does not believe in the famous Rubin,It’s not as good as the hairy boy in front of you,He picked up the phone and dialed Rubin’s phone。
“Mr. Rubin,I’m abrahi,Now there is a person named Qiao Tianyu with me,He said that you were just his assistant,Not his opponent at all!”
“Mr. Abu,Qiao Tianyu is indeed an investment wizard,I’m old,Humbled!”
This is what Qiao Tianyu and Rubin had discussed yesterday,Rubin follows“script”Open your mouth。
Hearing Rubin’s shameful comments,Abraxi was even more dumbfounded。
He knows that Qiao Tianyu is awesome,I didn’t expect it to be so awesome,Even Wall Street wolves are ashamed of themselves,Too scary?
“Oh,Mr. Abu,One more thing。”Rubin continues to follow“script”Say words。
“Qiao Tianyu found me yesterday,Said he was going to be short on Merck,That kid is so magical,And this time I have fully prepared,I know I am not his opponent。”
“So the muddy water of Merck Group,I decided not to go,I am going to divest from the stock market。”
“Mr. Abu,As an old friend for many years,I advise you,Junjie,Don’t make fearless sacrifices。”
“Qiao Tianyu is very kind and righteous,As long as you don’t die to the end,He will leave you a way to survive,Hope you cherish it!”

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