Fortunately, based on the instinct of those bugs,They always keep their distance,So when Lu Menglin squeezed forward the monsters controlled by the snake stick,The bugs in the cave will automatically move part of the space。

Lu Menglin followed these weird insects,Squeeze in a little bit。
As it goes deeper and deeper into the hole,Lu Menglin seems to be in a sea of insects,All those weird bugs in all directions,This is much more exciting than going deep into a tiger’s den,In case Lu Menglin can’t control it,I’m afraid that no matter how strong it is, it will be swallowed instantly by the insect tide,The kind that doesn’t even have a belt bone left。
Walking silently in the belly of the mountain,Lu Menglin suddenly felt faintly,The powerful force field at the entrance of the cave,Not come out of thin air,But it is probably related to these bugs。
A single bug,Maybe the individual is weak,But when their numbers become huge,Like a spark,Can start a prairie fire,The life energy in these monsters has the same root,That’s why it has a strange resonance,So as to continuously inject energy into the guardian force field outside。
This very special energy application scenario,Lu Menglin has only seen it in science fiction movies。simply put,This is a wonderful way to transform life spirit energy into force field energy,At least humans so far,Can’t understand this energy conversion,Can only exist in imagination。
And the reason why Lu Menglin thought of this,Because he was in that alien spaceship at the bottom of the valley,Have seen similar energy conversion methods。
That divine body serves as the energy center of the entire spacecraft,It’s basically using this form of energy,Convert life energy into spacecraft power,This use of life energy,At least several levels higher than human technology,Proper black technology。
but,It is based on this recognition,Lu Menglin is very clear,The end of the road,There must be an energy center,As long as this energy center is eliminated,Lost force field,Naturally these bugs are not a threat。
Lu Menglin keeps going,The light in the cave is getting brighter,Prove his guess is correct,The energy reaction ahead is getting stronger。
at last,Lu Menglin felt a relatively powerful breath of life。This breath of life is much stronger than those monsters。
if we assume,If the life energy of a single individual monster is one,Then the strength of the life energy in front is about one hundred and seventy or eighty。
And Lu Menglin himself,Under normal conditions,Life energy is around 20。
The breath is so different,Do you want to keep going?
This question is for Lu Menglin,It’s an answer without suspense。
The insect tide in front of you is like a wave,Under Lu Menglin’s advancement,Formed a tidal wave。
The surrounding cave walls are shining
Bright,Emits a soft light yellow halo,That’s due to the high concentration of life energy,The light emitted after the rock is energized。
By the surrounding energy light,Lu Menglin finally saw the end of this wormhole,And that scene,Must make him unforgettable。

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