In this short span of less than a second,Secretary Li has imagined at least dozens of possibilities,I just didn’t expect Chen Geng to just want to chat with colleagues in the domestic computer industry……

For a time,Secretary Li doesn’t know whether he should cry or laugh:Did you think too much??
But even though I was a little dumbfounded,I’m sure after thinking about it,Secretary Li breathed a sigh of relief,He said without hesitation:“Of course we have no problem here,But Mr. Chen, you have time?”
“Everyone just chat,There are two or three hours、Three or four hours is enough。”Chen Geng looked at him strangely,Implication:Couldn’t it be two or three hours??
Secretary Li is very depressed,I’m thinking about your need to rest, OK?,but……Forget it,No explanation,Lest it gets darker and darker!Made up his mind,Secretary Li nodded without hesitation:“As long as you are convenient,Of course we can’t ask for it。”
What he said was not polite,Really can’t ask for it,Knowing Garrett2000After the news that the boss of the computer company arrived in China,Institute of Computer Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences、The State Administration of Electronics and Computer Industry and the National University of Defense Technology and other top domestic electronic and computer scientific research units are applying for higher-level leaders.,I hope to communicate with Chen Geng about the most cutting-edge computer technology and concepts in the world。
In fact,In the eyes of practitioners in the domestic computer industry,Own Gary·Kilidare, the world’s top computer operating system master, plus“CP/M+indos+Trackball”Garrett2000Computer company,That’s a world-class computer giant,That is, the establishment time is short,Mainly engaged in computer software work,So it is still slightly inferior toIBMwithDECWorld-class computer giant,But definitelyIBMwithDECThe first person under,You’re welcome,Being able to communicate with Chen Geng is the dream of the domestic computer industry。
Why is it not approved above?I’m not worried about the impact on this cooperation with Chen Geng?In fact, the leaders have long been bored to death by the comrades below,Since Chen Geng took the initiative“Delivery”,Fools disagree。
“Then when do you think it is more convenient for you?”Secretary Li asked carefully。
“Three days later。”Chen Geng thought for a while,Said,Always give those comrades who are out of town time to come to the capital?
“no problem,Then three days later,”Secretary Li responded without hesitation:“Three days later in the afternoon,The location is arranged at the State Guest House,What do you think?”
How does Chen Geng feel?Of course he will not find it very problematic。

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